Can i merge two spotify accounts

If you’ve put together numerous Spotify playlists, yet you’re looking to consoliday your collection, you might want to look at merging them. Tright here isn’t a integrated approach for merging playlists on Spotify, however tright here are methods to do it.

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Along with manually copying songs from one playlist to another, you can also use third-party devices prefer Spotify Playlist Merger to organize your Spotify library and bring 2 or even more playlists together right into one. Here’s how.

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Manually Copying Songs to a New or Existing Playlist

The simplest technique to merge Spotify playlists is to copy songs from one or even more playlists right into a new (or existing) playlist. You have the right to still do this if you don’t own the original playlist, however you won’t have the ability to delete the original playlist afterward.

Open the Spotify desktop application on your Windows PC or Mac to begin. Unfortunately, this procedure isn’t feasible in the Spotify mobile application for Android, iPhone, or iPad customers.

Click on a playlist in the selection menu on the left to open it. While holding the Shift crucial down, pick the first and last songs in the list on the appropriate to select all of the songs at once.


Once the songs are selected, right-click and also choose Add To Playlist > New Playlist to copy them to a new playlist.

Additionally, choose one of the existing playlists below the “New Playlist” option to copy the songs to that playlist rather.

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As we’ve pointed out, this will copy the songs, not move them. If you’d favor to rerelocate the older playlist as soon as the songs have been duplicated (leaving just the brand-new playlist), you’ll need to delete it. Otherwise, you’re complimentary to leave it in area.

If you desire to delete the older playlist, right-click the name of it in the left-hand food selection and then pick the “Delete” alternative.


This will certainly rerelocate the older playlist, leaving you with only the combined playlist on your account. You’ll have to repeat these procedures for each extra playlist you wish to merge.

Using a Third-Party Playlist Merging Tool

The strategy over works well, yet needs the usage of the Spotify desktop computer application. If you desire to attempt a much more automatic approach, then you’ll should use a third-party tool like Spotify Playlist Merger. This uses the Spotify API to copy playlists together without needing to usage the desktop app, making it an excellent alternative for mobile Spotify individuals.

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To start, open the Spotify Playlist Merger webwebsite and select the “Connect With Spotify” button in the facility of the page (or in the top-ideal corner).


Sign in making use of your Spotify login details on the following web page, authorizing access to your Spotify account (including your conserved playlists).

Select “Agree” to confirm that you give accessibility.


Once you’ve signed in, you’ll revert to the Spotify Playlist Merger front page.

In the “Playlist Name or Link” box, search for the first playlist you wish to merge and also then choose it from the menu, clicking “Next” to confirm.


Repeat this step for the second playlist you wish to merge.

At the last phase, click the “Do you want to incorporate them right into a brand-new playlist?” slider to ensure the playlists are combined in a new playlist. Otherwise, the songs will certainly be copied into the initially playlist you selected.

If you select to combine them right into a brand-new playlist, click “Next” to continue.


In the “New Playlist Name” box, administer a name for your new playlist and also then pick “Finish” to start the merging process.

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This will create a new combined playlist containing the songs from both playlists. It won’t delete the previous playlist, yet, so if you’re looking to tidy up your conserved playlists, you’ll must rerelocate it in the desktop or mobile application afterward.

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