Can dll files contain viruses


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I"ve downloaded a Visual Studio extension DLL, from somewright here on the internet, that I suspect may not be clean.

If it"s the situation and also it does contain malicious code, will certainly that code fill right into Visual Studio and run?



Typically speaking, yes. DLL records contain executable code that (once loaded and also called) will certainly run via the privileges of the calling user, and also is not minimal to a sandbox inside the VS environment.

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There a mechanisms to mitigate the danger though. For instance, you should not run Expansions (and also Visual Studio itself) with governmental privileges.

Visual Studio itself has actually some protection built right into its extension manager:

To defend your mechanism against extensions that might contain errors or malicious code, you have the right to restrict all per-user extensions to load just once Visual Studio is run under typical user rights. <...> You deserve to disable all per-user extensions for all individuals by setting this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftVisualStudio10.0ExtensionManager "DisableUserExtensions"=0x00000001.

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More here:

In doubt, do not count on it however sdeserve to the file(s), and examine if they have a valid publisher signature.

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