Bluetooth turns off when screen locks

None - No display screen lock choices will certainly be collection on your deviceSlide - offers no defense, however lets you obtain to the Home display easily.Face Unlock - lets you unlock your phone by looking at it.Note: This choice is less secure than a pattern, PIN or password.Pattern - lets you attract a simple pattern with your finger to unlock the phone.PIN - calls for four or even more numbers. Longer PINs tend to be more secure.Password - requires four or even more letters or numbers. This is the most secure option, as lengthy as you develop a solid password.

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Important Note: Your IT administrator may have actually disabled some of these choices. These options will appear grayed out, and are not selectable.

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The Lock Screen uses 2 timers. The first timer is the "Sleep" timer which transforms off the device screen to extfinish battery life. You have the right to rotate the display on and also swipe to unlock. The second timer dubbed the "Automatic lock" timer turns on defense attributes like pin, pattern, password or challenge unlock and protects the gadget from unknown customers. This "Automatic lock" timer begins after the "Sleep" timer expires and you will certainly be asked to enter personally recognizable data like pin, pattern, password or the challenge unlock once the screen is powered on.

Note: The Automatic lock choice will only present after a screen lock alternative (various other than Slide) has been collection.

To change the "Automatically lock" timer go to Setups > Security > Automatically lock > Select preferred time structure.

To adjust the "Sleep" setting go to Setups > Display > Sleep > Select preferred time frame

If you are utilizing facial recognition and also perform not want the "slide to unlock" to appear, set the "Automatic lock" timer to "5 seconds"

Unlocking your gadget if you forgot your PIN or pattern

If you have formerly included your gadget to your account you have the right to recollection your device from out website, visit

If you forgained or are uncertain about your Google password, yet you know your Gmail login or Google account name, you have the right to have Gmail sfinish you a password change research link to your various other email address through your computer, by following the measures below:

From the Gmail login web page click on the "Can"t access your account?"Follow the actions in that overview to recover your Gmail login information.Once your login information is recovered, please usage that indevelopment to unlock the handset making use of initial procedures above. If you newly created your Gmail account or changed its password, permit approximately an hour to attempt the new password.Note: You have to have actually had actually a Gmail account setup on the handcollection before you locked the handset to recollection your PIN with Gmail.

If the actions above did not settle your issue, the last alternative is to attempt an outside recollection of your tool. Click here for more information on this alternative.

Trusted Devices (KitKat)

This attribute will certainly allow your phone to reprimary unlocked while associated to Bluetooth tools that you trust. If you disaffix or get also far ameans, the device will lock as soon as aacquire.

To usage this attribute simply pair your phone with a Bluetooth device, and pick Trusted Device when triggered.


You can pick to lock manually through the notification curtain.Your power essential will certainly not immediately lock when you are linked to a trusted gadget.

Smart Lock (Lollipop)

Smart locks enables you to keep your device unlocked once it"s clear that you have your device with you - for instance as soon as it"s linked to your Bluetooth watch, or once it recognizes your face.

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Trusted Devices

This feature will allow your phone to remain unlocked while linked to Bluetooth gadgets that you trust. You deserve to also set your phone to unlock once it touches an NFC tag.

To add a trusted Bluetooth device or NFC tag:

Touch Touch SettingsTouch SecurityTouch Smart Lock (If Smart Lock does not show up go to Setups > Security > Trust agents > Toggle Smart Lock (Google) on)Touch Trusted devicesTouch +Select Bluetooth or NFCMake you Bluetooth accessory discoverable, or tap your NFC tag to the gadget.Add a name for the associated gadget and also touch OK

Trusted face

You can have actually your device unlock when it recognizes your face. After establishing a trusted face, every time you revolve on your device, it will certainly search for your face and also unlock when it well-known you.

Please note that someone that looks similar to you can unlock your phone.

To collection a trusted face:

Touch Touch SettingsTouch SecurityTouch Smart Lock (If Smart Lock does not appear go to Setups > Security > Trust agents > Toggle Smart Lock (Google) on)Touch Trusted faceTouch Set up and follow the on-display instructions. Touch Next off once you"re done.

Tip: To enhance just how well your device recognizes you in different conditions touch Improve confront matching and also follow the on-display instructions.

Screen pinning

You can enable your device to only display a specific app"s display screen making use of screen pinning.

Screen pinning deserve to be useful if you desire to play a game without accidently minimizing the application if you touch the Home switch.

To pin a screen:

Touch Touch SettingsTouch SecurityTouch Smart Lock (If Smart Lock does not appear go to Settings > Security > Trust agents > Toggle Smart Lock (Google) on)Open an appTouch the Recents key Touch the pin icon at the bottom
To leave from the pinned display screen touch and also organize Back
and Recent keys at the same time.

Power switch instantly locks

Tbelow is an choice in which will instantly lock the gadget as soon as the display is on and also the power button is pressed. As quickly as the power switch is pressed your gadget will lock.

Note: The Power switch instantly locks option will only present after a screen lock choice (other than Slide) has actually been set.

To activate the "Power switch instantly locks" establishing, go to Setups > Security & Screen Lock > inspect the Power button instantly locks checkbox.

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Important note: Your phone might contain security policies set by your IT administrator which may override any settings you attempt to set under screen protection. For example, if you collection your phone to instantly lock for 30 minutes and also phone locks after 10 minutes, it may be as a result of protection policies collection by your IT Administrator. Please contact your IT Admin for more information.