Blinking underscore on boot windows 10

I had actually this worry as well once, after I've updated my home windows, didn't know what to carry out and reinstalled it

I'd favor to think I deserve to number this out without a complete reinstall. It's only been after that current update it's been acting up (some random crashing) This is the first of this type of trouble. Really sucks though, sorry that happened to you!

tried to unplug whatever except power cord, didn't work-related unfortunately, can't even gain into safe mode...i hate to have to reinstall home windows but guessing i could need to. and yes i believe it was because of an upday that occured last night.

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Make sure it's booting off the appropriate HDD/SSD initially. So press F10(depfinish on your motherboard) throughout POST to acquire the boot menu.

Checked booting order in the bios and also it's on the correct one. My disks display up in great standing too, so it doesn't show up there's any kind of actual hard drive worries.

we acquired our windows 10 crucial digitally, which i guess once we downloaded it we have to have actually made a difficult copy, our fault tright here, so we don't have actually a repair usb stick, as well we have actually 3 tough drives, i tried booting off the one that windows was mounted on and didn't job-related, tried the others as well still nothing. Going to have to just reinstall home windows all together and also shed all my stuff?

update: successfully made the bootable windows 10 USB straight off the site. I double checked that it's Fat32 and it lots ideal away on my lapoptimal. I go to my desktop pc, plug it in, turn it back on and gain into Bios, but it's not recognizing there's a USB there to pack from :( Any ideas what is going on? I additionally allowed Legacy USB option.

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Before you perform anypoint. You have the right to still back your stuff. either rerelocate the HDD and also move it to one more computer system or make a bootable Linux Mint and also grab your stuff off it and also copy your important information off the C drive to in other places. You should press F10 during POST to acquire to boot food selection and pick the bootable USB. Try to carry out a repair from tbelow first before reinstalling.

If you controlled to remove the HDD and also check out it off from an additional computer. Open up Disk Management to view if the HDD is "unllocated".

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