Beam not working xbox one

Do you have actually a Sonos Beam or Sonos Playbar at home, however does the soundbar not develop any kind of sound as soon as you watch TV? With the adhering to tips, you can easily settle this difficulty.

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Dvery own listed below, you can uncover 5 tips to develop sound from your Sonos Beam or Playbar.

Tip 1: change TV settings

Tip 2: inspect cables

Tip 3: examine Netflix settings

Tip 4: check PS4 settings

Tip 5: check Xbox One settings


Go to the settings of your TV. Check the sound settings or sound output and also pick the right audio output. For the Playbase you need the optical output and also for the Beam you can use either the optical output or the HDMI port. The outputs are often labeled as "outside speakers", "audio out optical", "optical out", "audio out HDMI", or "HDMI out".


Check if the optical cable or the HDMI ARC cable are connected correctly to both the soundbar and the TV. In the instance of an optical cable, additionally check if the red light close to the input on the Playbar or Beam is on. If vital, you have the right to rerelocate the cable from the soundbar and also TV for a minute and also then put it earlier in.


Is the sound only missing as soon as you"re streaming on Netflix? To settle this difficulty, you open the sound settings of Netflix and also change the audio format from Dolby Digital Plus to Stereo. The Beam and also Playbar do not assistance Dolby Digital Plus.

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Is the sound missing when you stream or play Blu-Rays on the PlayStation? Go to the settings on your PS4.

Select "Sound and screen".Select "Settings video output".Select "Main output port".Select "HDMI OUT. Set the audio format to "Bitstream (Dolby").

Is the sound lacking once you stream or play Blu-Rays by means of the Xbox One? Go to settings on your Xbox.

Select "All settings".Select "Image and sound" and also "Audio output".Set "HDMI audio" to "Bitstream out". Then set the "bitstream format" to Dolby Digital.

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