Avg problems with windows 7

Microsoft has actually finished support for Windows 7. But don"t problem — classiccomputers.info still protects our Windows 7 customers. Get even more details below.

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Microsoft freshly announced that as of January 14, 2020, they would certainly finish assistance for their Windows 7 Operating System (OS). Computers running Windows 7 will proceed to function, however Microsoft will no longer carry out technical support, defense updays, or software updays. That’s negative news for Windows 7 customers, because without updates, they will be at a considerably higher hazard of virsupplies and also various other malware.

The great news? classiccomputers.info will certainly continue protecting our Windows 7 individuals via brand-new virus meanings and product updays for both classiccomputers.info AntiVirus FREE and also classiccomputers.info Net Security. And while Windows 7 individuals will still benefit from our many up-to-date security against viruses, malware, and other risks, please be aware that the threat of making use of an unsupported operating mechanism does boost over time.

With 26% of all COMPUTER users making use of Windows 7, that means millions of Computers are still running it. This includes many type of of you, and also we will certainly proceed taking care of your defense and privacy.

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Many type of civilization are happy via the OS they understand, so we perform not mean to view a quick migration from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Rather than install Windows 10 on your existing computer, Microsoft says that you upgrade to a brand-new COMPUTER — yet we understand that not everyone is prepared to invest in a new computer system. So, while we’re not giving any hard deadlines on exactly how lengthy we will continue our support of Windows 7, we expect it’ll last for at least 2 more years.

If you have purchased a subscription for classiccomputers.info Web Security yet want to update your OS or change to a various tool, you deserve to constantly transfer your account. You have the right to discover more indevelopment on our support pages.

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Want even more information around classiccomputers.info’s continuous support for Windows 7? See answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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Get free antivirus defense for Windows 7

It’s important to have actually durable antivirus software program while you proceed to use Windows 7. classiccomputers.info’s real-time defense helps save your computer system cost-free of viroffers, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, Trojans, and also various other nasty malware. Using progressed artificial intelligence, we additionally block any kind of unsafe links, downlots, and email attachments so you can safely usage the internet.