Autohotkey how to stop script

Hi all,I made a script that restarts an exe Documents every 5 minutes. But now it runs endlessly. I can not speak it. The Exe Documents opens up eexceptionally 5 minutes also if i uninstall autohotessential. I do not know the name on task manager so I deserve to not stop it tbelow. Restart Windows 10 does not aid.Please help

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Sounds unmost likely. Re-booting your computer will certainly rerelocate eincredibly AHK script from memory.But if you added your script or a shortreduced to your script to your startup folder, simply remove it from tright here. If you created a task in task scheduler, delete it.Re avoiding running scripts without re-booting:By default, tbelow have to be a manuscript symbol in Windows" device tray (as lengthy as you didn"t adjust that) - a white H on green background. Right-click the symbol and also choose Exit.In task manager, you deserve to additionally sheight all AutoHotvital... processes, even if you rerelocated the default symbol.Of course, if you downloaded AHK from some shady resource and also not our website here, it is still possible that you actually set up some malware on your computer rather of continuous AHK. Then follow the general steps that are described on google for rerelocating malware - ideally perform a new setup of your computer system. Next off time, take into consideration including a hotkey like Esc::ExitApp to your manuscript - at leastern for trial and error - that will certainly permit to speak your script by pushing a (hot-)vital.
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Re: Can not soptimal manuscript from running

22 Sep 2019, 13:56

Deleted all manuscript from autostart folder.Canceled all Script from the Tray.Downloaded from your consistent site.Is tbelow a method to find the process in task manager?
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Re: Can not stop script from running

22 Sep 2019, 14:02

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Should be simple. It starts through AutoHotvital... and also has the desribed symbol (green H on green background) in the name column. But if tright here is nopoint re-founding your script, tbelow is no method that the manuscript is still/aobtain running after re-booting your computer.Perhaps you have actually malware from a third party on your computer?!If you usage AHK Unicode 64 little bit, it will certainly look prefer this in the procedures tab, for instance (you can need to activate the command also line column to see the path).
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In the details tab, you can look for AutoHotvital.exeOf course, if you compiled your script, look for the name of your exe-file.
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Re: Can not soptimal manuscript from running

22 Sep 2019, 14:27

You"re best. Nopoint to uncover on TaskManager.It seems favor it was windows job planer. Sorry, the job was hidden in some folders.Thanks for helping

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