Audioendpointbuilder windows audio endpoint builder

I've been struggling for the last around 2-3 weeks with seriously high CPU intake, sometimes continuing to be at 95% and it's nearly unusable. The thing with the highest possible CPU usage is usually this Windows Audio Endallude Builder, at about 22% by itself.

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I've tried stopping and restarting this service but it doesn't seem to aid. Remounted audio drivers, took off this wiremuch less mouse/keyboard/microphone remote, still no luck.


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Well, insituation anyone comes across this and has the same trouble, in the end I didn't discover any kind of software application difficulty. I'm not certain exactly how this would have actually resolved it yet no issue how many kind of times I restarted or also full shutdown the problem didn't go away, what fixed it was I dislinked all my USB cables and audio cables and also literally reassociated them (possibly in a brand-new spot, if so it wasn't on purpose), incredibly random yet that appeared to have addressed it, going on 2 days now without problems.

I understand there's an audio male from Microsoft on, but can't remember his username