Audio sounds like underwater windows 10

About a month back, Windows 10 installed while everyone sleeped. Noone wanted it, however it functioned fine. Just recently, as soon as I try to play a game, half the audio is correct. The rest sounds favor its underwater, or the sound isn"t tright here. When I try to watch a video clip, the music functions but the audio sounds like its underwater. Nothing has changed (I believe). I have cleaned out the part wbelow it plugs in, uninstalled audio tools, set up realtek, updating audio tools. I have tried multiple headphones, with the same outcome. The headphones work-related on my phone, so its somepoint on the computer system. P.S. I do not understand also many points people say to aid on other write-ups, so attempt to be clear please
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Replied on June 29, 2016


I understand your concern, and also we in Community will attempt to help you in the best feasible way we can.

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I request you to try the techniques below.

Method 1:

Hardware Troubleshoot

Windows 10 has actually a integrated troubleshooter to inspect and also resolve worries with Sound. I would imply you to run this troubleshooter to examine if the problem is with your Audio.

Refer these steps:

Press Windows crucial +X, choose Control panel.Change the view by alternative on the peak best to Large icons.Click on troubleshooting and also click the watch all option on the left panel.Run the playing Audio troubleshooter.

Method 2:

Sound troubles have the right to be caused by cables that aren"t linked correctly, damaged motorists, incompatible drivers, sound settings, lacking updays, and also troubles through your sound card.

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I request youto follow the listed below steps:

Step 1: Uninstall the Sound card Drivers

Press “Windows Logo” + “X” tricks on the keyboard.Click on “Device Manager” from that list.Search for the Sound driver from the gadget list, ideal click on it and also then choose “Uninstall”. On the un-installation home window, if you have actually an option: “Delete the driver software application for this device” you may pick that and also then rerelocate the corrupted chauffeurs from the computer system.Follow the on-display instructions to finish it and the restart the computer system if motivated.After the restart, please go ahead with the following procedures to install the latest drivers and also check if that resolves the problem.

Update Driver Software from the Manufacturer’s webwebsite.

Step 2: Go to the Computer or Sound Card manufacturer’s webwebsite and also search for the latest Windows 10 vehicle drivers accessible for the Sound Card model and also then install it by following the instructions provided in the webwebsite.

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I also repursuit you to follow the listed below article:

Fix sound problems


I hope this helps you. If you have actually any even more query in future, feel free to call us. We will be happy to assist you.