Asus taichi 21 windows 10

I hadn"t bothered via the pre-RTM versions, so this was a voyage of discovery. Would it occupational smoothly? Would it cripple an essential function?

The short answer is yes, all the standard points job-related, and also after searching dvery own the proper packperiods on ASUS assistance site it is at the very same level of functionality as on Windows 8.1. Some devices are not recognised, however the only one that I have actually noticed from that group is the accelerometer.

Bad omens

Before spanning the upgrade itself, it"s worth noting that ASUS themselves do not seem sure whether Windows 10 functions on the Taichi21 and Taichi31 devices.

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These 2 support write-ups were among the latest last weekfinish when I upgraded, and dclassiccomputers.infon"t exactly instil confclassiccomputers.infoence that the three year old model would run Windows 10 ... which mainly has actually the exact same demands as the 6 year old Windows 7. On the other hand, the same support website detailed general upgrade advice on installing Windows 10 under the Taichi21 category, as if they meant the Taichi series to run the OS simply fine.

The upgrade

The upgrade went as follows:

Rebuild the machine earlier to stock Windows 8.1 Pro (founding on Windows 8 Pro and upgrading), utilizing a retail disc rather than recoexceptionally media.Use the media creation tool for Windows 10 from Microsoft to develop a flash drive.Use setup.exe on the picture provclassiccomputers.infoed by the Windows 10 to start an upgrade.Accept Windows 10 installer"s suggestion to downpack updays.Wait an eternity for multiple gigs of updates to downfill.Let Windows install.Install the ASUS support software application for the Taichi"s special features.

The ASUS packages installed so far are:

ATKPackage_Win8_64_Ver100028CloseLclassiccomputers.info_Win8_64_VER118Power4GearHybrclassiccomputers.info_Win8_VER308SmartGesture_Win8_64_VER224Taichclassiccomputers.infoisplayControl_Win864_VER1013TaichiHome_Win8_64_VER1030USBChargerPlus_Win8_64_Z215VGA_Intel_Taichi_Win7_64_Win8_64_Z917102857DPTF_Intel_Win7_8_VER6071084 (installed later)

Consclassiccomputers.infoering the support desk"s pessimism, it was mildly surpincreasing that things functioned as well as they The stcapability of display switching has actually improved significantly compared to Windows 8.1, on which it commonly worked for the first couple of hrs after each reboot. Windows 10 on the Taichi21 is quick and secure. I have the right to only think that ASUS decclassiccomputers.infoed that would stop supplying case-by-instance support for the Taichi line because it dclassiccomputers.infon"t seem to market extremely well. I got mine bereason it was among the first ultrapublications to ship with both Windows 8 and also a stylus (the Surconfront Pro was a little bit slow-moving to come down here), but it dclassiccomputers.infon"t stay on the industry for lengthy as the dual-display design was supplanted by 360° hinges.

Following the upgrade, there are a some unrecognised tools but the machine is running fine.

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Upday - 5 Sep 2015

It appears that an extra recent version of the Intel HD Graphics 4000 driver prevents exterior monitors being tackled properly, so that any kind of attempt to reposition displays failed adhering to a flicker. This was solved by reusing the VGA_Intel_Taichi_Win7_64_Win8_64_Z917102857 package and also turning off automatic driver updates.

Upday - 19 Sep 2015 - Display rotation fix

Installed DPTF_Intel_Win7_8_VER6071084 (Intel Dynamic Thermal Platdevelop Framework) now, which added motorists for the handful of unknown devices staying in the gadget manager. This was under the Windows 8 category of the Taichi assistance site. After a pair of reboots Windows added the Rotation Lock alternative to the alert panel, however the "Lock rotation of this display" alternative under Display Settings was still locked to "On" and also greyed-out, so screen auto-rotation dclassiccomputers.infon"t job-related.

The work-around to this was discovered on Eightforums using Tenforums. By editing and enhancing the registry to set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAutoRotationEnable to 1, display auto-rotation is allowed aobtain. The screen settings dialogue still reflects "Lock rotation of this display" as "On" though. I discover that for rotation to job-related, I had to carry up the Start menu - maybe at that allude it polls the orientation sensor?

Update - 2 Oct 2015

The Intel graphics driver appears to acquire periodically upgraded despite following the instructions referenced in the fifth of September update to this post. So much I haven"t found an additional means to block the upqualities, or pressure the logical display screen positions to readjust on the latest version of the graphics driver.

Update - 5 Jan 2016 - Bluetooth co-existence issues

The few times I have switched Bluetooth on given that upgrading the tablet have actually almost instantly resulted in the WiFi to intermittently drop out, at leastern as soon as the signal stamina is marginal. Maybe the WiFi and also Bluetooth drivers that ship through Windows 10 do not carry out 2.4GHz co-existence effectively, I do not know. Due to the fact that I usage Bluetooth infrequently this hasn"t been a major trouble, I mainly just leave it off and WiFi functions fine.


Waiting for updates to download. This was a bit odd, because I downloaded the photo file for the flash drive just 6 hours previously.


Finally installing...

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And we"re done (after installing all my usual applications)


Although the installation display for Windows 10 does look slick, and exceptionally Metro, I think it would certainly have actually been much better reutilizing one of the best-looking development bars in history...