Asus motherboard sound not working

I had actually a COMPUTER via an old motherboard and also CPU (ASUS A7V8X + Intel Core2Duo). Some days earlier I decided to upgrade Motherboard, CPU and also RAM.

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I bought an ASUS H61M-K and also an Intel core i3-3220, with a 1600MHz 4GB RAM module from Corsair. My old graphics card (ATI 3870) and also tough disks were compatible with the brand-new motherboard, so I did not upgrade them.

I built my new PC, mounted Windows 7 and also mounted every little thing that was on the motherboard install CD (consisting of the Realted HD Audio driver). Everypoint works fine, except for the audio.

If I open up the Realtek manage panel and also plug/unplug speakers, I deserve to view that them are being known (windows also states "A brand-new jack has actually been plugged in"), yet I hear no sound if I attempt to play some music.

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Why? Is tright here any specific setup that I need to execute on my motherboard to make sound work?

windows-7 audio motherboard
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If you use Realtek HD Audio through front & back panel jack, and you got a "plugged / unplugged device message" , here`s the basic solution for this trouble.

Recommended for those that have tried whatever else:

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answered Dec 14 "14 at 19:55

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