Asus laptop turns off after a few seconds

Which of the adhering to retains the indevelopment it's storing when the mechanism power is turned off?

What reasons a lapheight to rotate on and then revolve off again. You deserve to rotate on the lapoptimal as normal. The LED lights on the laptop light up, but once this is done, the lappeak simply runs for 5 secs and it immediately shuts off aget. You have the right to hear the fan run for a while yet other that it just turns off. So what is the cause for a difficulty favor this?



First of all, if its doing the shutdown after booting it up from a cold state then it"s definitely not an overheating issue. I"d try rerelocating the battery initially of all and also attempt booting lappeak through power supply just. If it efficiently boots up and also runs then I"d suspect that the battery is all yet dead and also not recharging appropriately. 

Secondly, I"d open the lappeak and reseat the memory dimms to make sure that it isn"t simply a basic dislink. Pull out the difficult drive and also reseat that too. 


John White


A bad battery is first suspect. Do you have the capability to relocation the battery?

Is tbelow a misconfigured timeout somewhere such as in the BIOS or power settings?

It can happen bereason of high temperatures.

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Before I found lappeak coolers, my laptop would certainly heat a lot as much as a suggest where it would shutdvery own to protect itself. If I tried to power it ago up, it would certainly shutdvery own instantly (prefer you describe).

But if not for temperature, I would certainly definitely say motherboard, CMOS battery, negative RAM or the CPU provided out.

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If you"re not worried about warranty and have actually had experience taking laptops apart, I would open it up and also inspect the CPU fan vents (or any type of various other vents for that matter). particularly if the lappeak has actually been used on a bed, carpet or everywhere else wbelow it would certainly suck up the majority of dirt and dust.

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Other than that, as was argued, a dead battery/faulty power supply or a CPU/RAM problem would be the most likely culprit.

Its bereason of high temperature or poor RAM, power supply. Can you check the points which stated below in your laptop?