Asus laptop keeps booting to bios

Recently I closed my laptop, collection it on a table then the next time I saw pick it up it went from boot up right to the BIOS. I automatically pressed ESC and also tried to departure. The computer system would certainly go black for a split second and then come back to the BIOS. I tried reestablishing default BIOS settings and the computer system recollection then went straight to bios aget.

Here is the information around my laptop

Brand: ASUSModel: UX302LRAM: 8GB (mounted myself)Processor: i5-4200Operating System: Windows 8My question is how perform I gain previous the bios right into windows or at least home windows start up repair?

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Try these instructions:

In Boot Menu -> Change FastStart to In Security Menu -> Change Secure Boot to Then "Save Configuration & Exit", as soon as the BIOS display appears againGo to the Boot Menu aacquire -> Change Launch CSM to

This worked for me through Windows 10 on an Asus ZenBook UX330UA

From My Microsoft Operations Manager Experience blog



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