Asus laptop hard drive not detected

The BIOS or Basic Input Output System is basically a kind of regimen that controls the actions of a computer system. It’s very essential because all the information flow is regulated by the BIOS. Hence, an error-totally free BIOS is very essential and also anypoint it can’t detect is problematic.

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One trouble that can aclimb in the BIOS is with difficult disks and ‘Hard Disk is not detected’ is a common error.

Tright here deserve to be many kind of reasons for this, yet here are a couple of common cases. If your hard disk is new and also is not detected in the BIOS, then you have to follow various settle. If the disk is an old one that has actually suddenly quit working, you might say that it is dead currently.

It is a painful situation for any user as soon as they uncover that their drive is dead. They feel that they have actually lost everything permanently, however actually it is not true because tbelow are variety of Windows information recoexceptionally software program obtainable that enables you to recover data from undetected hard drives.

For example, Stellar Phoenix Windows information recoexceptionally – Home is a well-known tool for extracting lost partitions and recovering deleted information. It is complimentary to recuperate up to 1GB of data.

Alternatively, you deserve to attempt hand-operated methods to settle this error, yet if they perform not aid, then you should adjust the Hard Disk.

Check the information cable

SATA cables or IDE cables are incredibly necessary products. They’re supplied for connecting the difficult disk with the motherboard. A SATA cable is the one that is associated to the hard disk and the motherboard.

Locate the SATA cable.Make certain the cable length is even more than 1m as brief cables cause cramping. This can damage the cable.Check that SATA cable is tightly plugged right into its correct place.If you have doubts that the cable is damaged, then replace it.

If you’re using the UDMA cable (one which has three pins instead of two like in SATA), then use the complying with measures.

Make sure each color port is connected through right port.Take the UDMA cable. There will be three colored connectors.Babsence Connecter at one end is used to attach the Master Device.Gray or the Middle connector is for servant devices.Blue connector is supplied to affix to the motherboard.

Check the Jumper Setting

Jumpers are small switches used to open up or close the circuit. In computers, they’re provided largely for setting the ATA drives.


Look for jumper pins on the back of the drive. It’s a sort of little switch with steel rods and also plastic header. If you don’t understand just how it looks, then confirm from the internet initially.It will certainly be situated on the difficult disk, on the connectors.Check whether it has just one jumper or 2 jumpers.If your Hard Disk has actually just one jumper, then check the position. The jumper have to be inserted on the left many corner, much from the cable connector. It must be the vertical direction.If it has actually 2 jumpers, then area the one jumper on the left many corner in the vertical direction and following jumper, just next to it, in the horizontal direction.

This is to confirm that your device works in Master/Slave mode. If you have actually a SATA drive, then you don’t must check for anything. Try following solution, if the error still persists.

Check for Auto Drive Detection

If the jumpers are in the correct place, and also still the tough disk is not detectable, then check for the drive detection.

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It is an excellent concept to upday the PC’s driversWhen you switch on the COMPUTER, push F2 for entering right into the System Setup or CMOS Setup. Different models have actually various tricks for entering into System Setup, so make sure you review the message as soon as the computer system turns on.Go to BIOS setup web page.Check if the tough disk drive detection is collection to Auto or On.If it is not, then make it on.Press Save & Exit changes.

Now the computer system need to reboot and also the device have to have the ability to detect your hard disk.

Check for SATA Drivers

If you’ve changed the tough disk or you’re using the old variation of Windows, the ‘Hard Disk not detected’ error deserve to be as a result of a driver worry.


Open Control Panel.You need to be able to Device Manager on the display. If not, then click System & Security. Then select Device Manager.A display screen should open up via the list of all the tools linked to the COMPUTER.Find IDE ATA/ATAPI controller and also double click it.A list of Drivers will certainly open. It will be named based upon its manufacturer.Double click the SATA drive. A brand-new window will certainly open.Click on the Driver tab of this home window.Click on the Update Driver tab.Now follow the instructions to end up installing the new updated motorists.

Even after updating your SATA motorists, you still acquire the very same error, you have the right to proceed to attempt the following solution.

Check if the Drive is spinning

It may be due to the reality that the Hard Disk is dead. In this case, you’ll need a brand-new Hard Drive.

The difficult disk drive looks prefer this insideTurn off the computer.Now open up the computer instance and also disattach the SATA/UDMA cable from Hard Disk and the motherboard.Don’t disattach the Hard Disk.Now power on the computer system and also check if the Hard Disk is spinning.A soft noise or vibration must be felt on the Hard Disk side.If it does not, then it means the Disk is not spinning or you can say not working anymore.

Still having problems?

If the tough disk is currently detectable by the BIOS, however not in Windows, then attempt the following actions.

This is the following many prevalent difficulty after resolving this problem. It greatly happens due to the portioning difficulty. When the home windows shed its partitioning, then you might acquire this error.

Right-click My Computer on the COMPUTER.Select Manage.On the left pane, under Storage area, double-click the Disk Management choice.You can use this to adjust the partitions on the Hard Disk.But make sure to store a copy beforehand of the information as the formatting or partitioning might erase your data.

If you have complied with all the above methods and is not effective in addressing the ‘Hard Disk Not Detected in BIOS’ error, attempt third-party tough drive utilities choose SeaTools for DOS for Seagate drives and Western Digital File Lifeguard for WD drives.

If nothing works for you, then it’s time to purchase a new hard disk.

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