Asus keyboard keys not working

If your Asuslaptop keyboard is not working, don’t worry! It’s among the prevalent issues and also you have the right to conveniently solve the ASUS lapheight keyboard not working issue.

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Whether you’re getting the worry choose key-board not responding, keyboard not detected by your Windows, or some keys not working, you deserve to settle your concern with the approaches in this post.

How do I resolve lapoptimal keyboard not working on Asus?

Here are services that have assisted civilization resolve ASUS lapoptimal key-board not working. You don’t should attempt them all; simply occupational your way dvery own until your trouble is addressed.

Note: All the screenshots below are from Windows 10, but the fixes use to Windows 8 & 7 also.

Fix 1: Rebegin your lappeak to deal with keyboard not working

As many technical issues have the right to be addressed by restarting, it’s never before harmful to rebegin your laptop to fix the keyboard not working problem on Asus, and it functions choose a cdamage for many type of customers.

So you deserve to just sindicate restart your laptop and also watch if your key-board works.

Fix 2: Troubleshoot the hardware issue

The hardware faculty is likely to reason the key-board not working concern on Asus lappeak. You deserve to troubleshoot the following hardware:

1. Check the keyboard battery

The battery worry is among the feasible hardware faculties.

1) Shut down your lapheight.

2) Remove the battery from your lappeak.

3) Wait for few seconds, and connect your laptop with AC power cord directly.

4) Reboot your lappeak and check if your keyboard functions.

2. Check the USB connection (USB keyboard)

If you are utilizing the USB key-board, inspect if the USB connection functions effectively.

You can attempt to unplug and also re-plug the key-board to reattach. Or you can plug the key-board to one more USB port and watch if it functions.

3. Check the wireless adapter (wireless keyboard)

If you are utilizing a wiremuch less keyboard, make sure the wireless connection works properly. Move your key-board closer to your wireless receiver.

Fix 3: Upday your key-board driver

A lacking or outdated driver deserve to reason the trouble. If the key-board problem persists after uninstalling the keyboard driver, you can attempt upday the key-board driver for your Asus lapoptimal.

There are two means you can update your keyboard driver: manually and automatically.

Manually update the driver – You have the right to update your key-board driver manually by going to the main Asus website, and searching for the latest driver for your keyboard. Make sure that the driver is matched with your Windows OS and your lapoptimal model. This calls for time and also computer abilities.

Automatically update the driver – If you don’t have time or patience to manually update the driver, you have the right to perform that instantly through Driver Easy.

Driver Easy will certainly immediately identify your device and find the correct chauffeurs for it. You don’t must recognize specifically what system your computer system is running, you don’t need to hazard downloading and installing the wrong driver, and also you don’t should problem about making mistake as soon as installing.

You can upday your vehicle drivers immediately through either the FREE or the Pro variation of Driver Easy. But through the Pro version, it takes just 2 clicks (and also you will certainly obtain full assistance and a 30-day money ago guarantee).

1) Downloadand also install Driver Easy.

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2) Run Driver Easy and also click the Sdeserve to Now switch. Driver Easy will certainly then shave the right to your computer system and detect any type of problem chauffeurs.


3) Click the Update button next to the flagged key-board tool name to automatically download the correct version of those driver (you can do this via the FREE version). Then install the driver in your computer.

Or click Update All to immediately downpack and also install the correct variation of all the drivers that are absent or out of date on your system. (This needs the Pro versionwhich comes with complete support and also a 30-day money earlier guarantee. You’ll be triggered to upgrade when you click Upday All.)


4) Restart your lapheight, and check if your key-board functions.

Fix4: Reinstall your key-board driver

The incorrect or corrupted driver deserve to cause the keyboard problem on your laptop. You deserve to reinstall the driver for your keyboard. You need to execute this in Device Manager.

If just some tricks soptimal working, you can run devmgmt.msc in the Run box to directly open Device Manager. If namong the tricks work, don’t issue, you deserve to attempt the actions listed below to open it.

1)You deserve to open Control Panel in your computer system initially.

You can click the Start button on your desktop computer, then you must view Control Panel in the list. In the newer Windows 10 versions, Control Panel may be removed from the Start button, yet you can use Cortana: click Cortana, and say Device Manager, then you have the right to open Device Manager straight.

2) click see by tiny icons or check out by large icons to check out all Control Panel items.


3) Click Device Manager to open up it.


4) Double click Keyboards to expand also it, and best click onyour keyboard, then choose Uninstall device.


5) Confirm the uninstallation.

6) After uninstalling, restart your Asus lappeak and Windows will certainly reinstall the gadget driver instantly for you. Then check if your keyboard works now.

Fix 5: Modify the keyboard settings

You can try to modify the settings for Filter Keys in your lapoptimal to fix the key-board issue.

Filter Keys enables you to manage the pace of recurring keystokes and also sluggish down the acceptance of keystrokes if forced, in order to make inputting less complicated for users with hand tremors.

1) Right click the Start button at the bottom left on your desktop, then click Settings (if you are using Windows 10) or Control Panel (if you are using Windows 7).


2) Click Ease of Access (or Ease of Access Center).


3) Click Keyboard (if you are making use of Windows 10) or Make the key-board much easier to use (if you are making use of Windows 7).


4) Disable the Filter Keys function (switch off Filter Keys or unexamine Turn on Filter Keys).


5) Restart your computer system and examine if your key-board functions on your Asus laptop.

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That’s it – the 5 effective services to solve Asus laptop keyboard not working. If you have any questions, feel cost-free to leave a comment listed below. If you think it advantageous, feel cost-free to share through your household and friends.