Astro a50 headset wont turn on

Q: When will my order ship?A:Non-pre-orders ship within 48 organization hrs from the time the orders is placed (as lengthy as it is in stock). Pre-order items will certainly ship as soon as they arein-stock. Wright here you view a product listed for pre-order, we likewise state an supposed in-stock date. Shipping dates will certainly vary byproduct. Upon shipment you will certainly receive a shipping confirmation email consisting of distribution tracking information.

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Q: Can I cancel my pre-order?A:Yes, you have the right to cancel your pre-order by contacting our customer service team. Please have your order number all set for fastest organization. You have the right to discover our customer company call indevelopment here.


A50 Wireless

Q: What is included through the brand-new A50 Wireless system? A:– 1.0M TOSLINK OPTICAL CABLE

Provides clear Dolby Digital Surround Sound throughout all platforms.


Powers your Base Station

– Base Station

Pairs and also charges your A50 Wireless Headset. Displays battery condition, Dolby indicator, and also is awesome.

Q: What’s the distinction in between the the Gen 1/Gen 2 A50s and the new A50s?A: Several of the new attributes include:

– Extended ~15 hour battery life

– Up to ~30 foot wiremuch less range

– The flip to mute microphone has been redesigned to be more adjustable

– Fully wireless on both Xbox One and also PS4 (No chat cable required)

– Newly designed Base Station via LED standing display and also magnetic charging cradle

– Optional capability to changeyour ear pads and also headband also pad to leather by means of the A50 Mod Kit (Sold Separately and just compatible with new generation A50)

– Access to the ASTRO Command also Center for complete customization of your audio experience.


Q: Can I answer a phone speak to via the new A50?A: Yes, using a 4-pole 3.5mm audio cable, you deserve to connect your smartphone to the AUX port on the Base Station in order to answer phone calls.

Q: Can I usage the brand-new A50 via the MixAmp Pro TR?A: No. The MixAmp Pro TR does not have actually a wiremuch less transmitter.

Q: Can I charge the brand-new A50 while gaming? A: Yes, via the USB charge port situated on the side of the Base Station. More USB cables offered individually.

Q: Can I affix the headcollection wirelessly through my smartphone?A: No, the headset does not have actually Bluetooth connectivity. However you deserve to usage any kind of 3.5mm audio cable on the AUX port located on the Base Station to inject your very own tunes.

Q: Does the new A50 provide Surround Sound over USB on PC?A: Yes, the USB Game channel is a 6-channel PCM endallude supporting Dolby 5.1. It is processed via PLIIx and also Dolby headphone to offer simulated surround sound. In brief, it sounds good!

Q: Is a controller cable important for connecting the new A50 through the Xbox One controller?A: Nope. The new A50 is completely wiremuch less.

Q: Does the A50 work-related via USB hubs?A: Yes, but outcomes will certainly differ relying on the quality of the USB hub being supplied. If tbelow are any concerns, try plugging straight into a COMPUTER to check out if that remedies the worry.

Q: Can I usage Speaker Tags on the brand-new A50?A: Unfortunately, no, due to the style of the headcollection.

Q: Will the new A50 work with my TX Transmitter?A: No.

Q: Will the new A50 occupational through my USB TX? A: No.

Q: My mic cuts out/is quiet/not working properly. What gives?A:First, inspect to view if the mic is effectively positioned. Ensure it’s cshed to your mouth: we recommend placing it as cshed to your lower lip as feasible. Next, examine your Noise Gate (Using the ASTRO Command Center). Tbelow are 4 Noise Gate options: try making use of a various Noise Gate option, and also view if that helps. If you’re still enduring concerns, please contact Customer Support.


Mod Kits

Q: What is a Mod Kit?A: A repertoire of components designed to improve noise-isolation through swappable fabricated leather ear cushions and also a padded synthetic leather headband.

Q: What’s contained in the Mod Kit box?A:– Noise-Isolating Ear Cushions

– Pincluded Headband

Q: Can I use my A40 TR Mod Kit on the new A50?A: Nope.

Q: Can I use the new A50 Mod Kit on the A40 TR Headset?A: Nope.

Q: Can I use the new A50 Mod Kit on previous generations of the A50?A: Nope.


Base Station

Q: Can I pair multiple A50 Headsets through a single Base Station?A: Only one headset have the right to be paired with a solitary Base Station.

Q: What are the distinctions in between the Console and also COMPUTER modes?A:Console Setting is used when gaming on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4. COMPUTER Mode is used while gaming on COMPUTER or Mac and also while updating your Base Station and also Headset through the latest firmware or practice EQ presets. The Lightning Bolt on the front of the Base Station screen will light up red as soon as in Consingle Setting, and white in PC Mode. You have the right to switch in between settings by toggling the Mode Switch located on the side of the Base Station.

Q: Can I use Gen 1/Gen 2 A50s through the brand-new Base Station? A: No, due to the hardware incompatibility.

Q: Can I usage the Base Station to charge portable devices, such as my smartphone? A:Some devices may not have the ability to be charged due to compatibility concerns, and also we cannot guarantee charging to any type of certain third party device.

Q: Can I purchase a standalone Base Station? A: Yes!

Q: Can I use the Xbox One A50 Wireless + Base Station via my PS4, or vice versa? A:Yes! For customers with multiple gaming platcreates, standalone Base Stations can be included to your set-up to permit cross-compatibility.

The Xbox One Base Station supplies various hardware for voice chat over USB than the PS4 Base Station to get rid of the need for a controller cable on the Xbox One. Due to the hardware distinction, this implies the Xbox One Base Station is not compatible via voice chat on the PS4 consingle. Likewise the PS4 Base Station is not compatible through voice chat on the Xbox One. However before, either variation of the Base Station can be paired via either console through Optical cable for Surround Sound audio.

For set-up, please examine out our video setup guides, please continue to be tuned!

Q: How much does a standalone Base Station cost? A: $100 USD.

Q: What does the Base Station do? A:The Base Station interdeals with between your gaming device and also your headcollection for voice chat and also Surround Sound audio. The cradle is offered to charge and pair your headcollection when your headcollection is not in usage. It also stores your 3 practice EQ settings and also have the right to be used to modify the Noise Gate, microphone levels, and also other gadget settings via the ASTRO Command also Center. The Base Station deserve to be attached via a 3.5mm audio gadget or smartphone via the AUX port to inject your very own sound track or phone calls.

Q: Is the brand-new Base Station compatible via any older A50 Headsets? A: No.

Q: Is the brand-new Base Station compatible with any A40 Headsets? A: No.

Q: How do I pair my headset to a standalone Base Station? A: To pair your A50 Wireless Headcollection to a brand-new Base Station, ssuggest drop the headcollection into the cradle of the Base Station you wish to pair through. The A50 Wireless Headcollection is not console-certain, and deserve to be paired through either variation of the Base Station. When paired efficiently, you need to watch Battery Status bars light up on the Base Station. The amber charge light on the headcollection should additionally light up.

Q: Will tbelow be more colormeans choices for the Base Station in the future? A:Currently, we carry out not have actually any extra colorways at this time. However, we are always working on great new commodities. Stay tuned to our Social Channels for the latest ASTRO updays. Q: What sort of USB cable is supplied to power the Base Station? A: A micro USB cable. You can purchase extra cables on our webwebsite.

Q: How carry out I dock the A50 Wireless Headcollection to the Base Station? A: Please check out our detailed instructions on exactly how to dock your A50 Wiremuch less Headset below.

Q: Can I pass-via audio from the Base Station to a media center? A: Yes, through the Optical output on the earlier of the Base Station.


Xbox One & PlayStation 4 CompatibilityQ: Can I use the Xbox One/COMPUTER Headset via the PS4/COMPUTER Base Station, or vice versa?A: Yes. You deserve to swap by re-pairing the headcollection with the new Base Station by dropping it right into the Base Station cradle.

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Q: I have 2 or more customers signed in on the Xbox One/PS4. Is it possible to assign the Base Station to a specific user for voice chat?A: Yes, this have the right to be done via the Device Settings Menu on your console.

Q: Can I use the Xbox One A50 through my PS4? Can I use the PS4 A50 with my Xbox One?A:The Xbox One A50 (Green) offers different hardware for voice chat over USB than the PS4 A50 (Blue) to remove the require for a controller cable on the Xbox One. Due to the hardware difference, this indicates the Xbox One A50 is not compatible through voice chat on the PS4 console. Likewise the PS4 A50 is not compatible through voice chat on the Xbox One.

The Xbox One/PS4 specific innovation is part of the Base Station. As noted over you can use a PS4 version of the A50 Headset on an Xbox One Base Station without problem, and also vise-versa.

Both the PS4 and also Xbox One A50s are MAC and COMPUTER compatible.



Q: Does the brand-new A50 occupational with the ASTRO Command Center Software? A: The brand-new A50 will certainly have actually ACC compatibility by means of PC or Mac. Older versions of the A50 are not compatible through the ACC software application.

Q: How carry out upday my firmware?A:There are a few procedures to this process:

– Downfill the ASTRO Command also Center. Found here.

– Install the ASTRO Command Center by complying with the on-display screen prompts, and launch it.

– If tright here is a prompt for an ASTRO Command also Center upday, click download.

– When the ASTRO Command also Center is launched, tbelow might be a prompt to affix an ASTRO Gaming tool if the Base Station is not in PC Setting.

– Plug the Base Station in and also place it in COMPUTER Mode by toggling the switch on the side of the Base Station from COMPUTER to Console Mode.

Q: How deserve to I customize my EQ modes? A:You deserve to use the ASTRO Command also Center to modify any kind of precollection EQ mode.

Q: Can I use USB Game and also Optical at the very same time?A:No, the Base Stationonly supports one or the other. If both are plugged in, the optical input is prioritized. USB Voice have the right to still be supplied for chat.

Furthermore, if both are plugged in at the very same time, encertain that the optical output is playing at 48000 Hz sample price or the outgoing mic will distort the voice.

Q: What is the distinction in between USB Game and USB Voice?A:There are 3gadget distinctions:

– USB Game Playback tool – this is the game audio

– USB Game Line Out Recording gadget – this is the stream port

– USB Voice device – this is the incoming and also outgoing chat

Q: What are the 3 default EQ settings?A:Tright here are 3 customizable EQ presets:

ASTRO Best mode for all gamers – tuned for gaming by ASTRO’s audio specialists. Precise bass for immersion. Balanced mids and highs for the optimal gaming audio endure.

STUDIO For music and also movies. Neutral for accuracy across a range of media usperiods.

PRO Ideal for streamers and also pro gamers. Tuned in the direction of mids and highs for precise details. Optimizes surround sound performance as also a lot bass can reason spatial distortion.

These are customizable utilizing the ASTRO Gaming Command Center Software

Q: What are the difference between the fourNoise Gate settings?A: Home: This is the default view. It’s been tuned for smaller LAN settings and also typical residence settings. It clears most light ambient noise, and works well through the TR Mod Kit microphone.

Streaming: This is the lowest noise gate setting. It’s best for quiet studio/home settings, and supplies the many herbal sounding voice, and also will enable background noise if current.

Tournament: This is the most aggressive setting meant for voice isolation and eliminating crowd noise in loud environments. By adding a noise gate to the side tone it eliminates outside sounds from entering right into the headcollection.

Night: In between Streaming and Home, this establishing is best for soft speakers and also gaming at night when little bit ambient noise is present.

These can be schosen usingthe ASTRO Gaming Command Center Software

Q: Why can’t I mix between voice and also game?A:– Ensure ASTRO A50 Game is set as the default USB audio device. To carry out that, navigate to the Control Panel, then Manage Audio Devices situated under Hardware and Sound.

– Set ASTRO A50 Game headphones as the default audio gadget.

– Set ASTRO A50 Voice as the default interactions tool.

– You will likewise want to ensure that the ASTRO A50 Mic is collection as the default recording tool, not A50 Line Out, unless you are intending to stream. Programs such as Steam and games which rely on these settings to recognize wright here to output the voice chat to and also which microphone to use.

Q: How perform I erected my A50for Skyping/TeamSpeak/Mumble/Vent on PC?A:– Make certain the Base Station is in COMPUTER mode (toggling the switch from Console to PC Mode).

– Enter Audio Options for the chat routine of option.

– Under Audio settings set microphone to Headcollection microphone (ASTRO A50 Voice)

– Set speakers to Headcollection Earphone (ASTRO A50 Voice). This will certainly permit customers to mix in between chat and also game sounds.Q: Will I be able to acquire game audio from my consingle while making use of Ventrilo/Skype/and so on on my COMPUTER for chat?A: Yes! However before, you will certainly not have the ability to utilize voice chat on your consingle while doing so.

Q: Will I be able to access voice chat on both COMPUTER and also consingle at the exact same time?A: No.


Q: My headset isn’t working/providing me worries. What deserve to I carry out to troubleshoot?A:The initially thing you need to execute is a tough reset on your headcollection. To execute this, hold dvery own the Dolby button located on the earlier of the right ear cup. At the same time, host down the Game button which is also located on the appropriate ear cup for 15 seconds.

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The headcollection will certainly power off and also turn ago on aacquire. Dock your headset into the Base Station to re-sync it. If you are still suffering worries with your headcollection, please contact Customer Support.