Astro a40 headset mic not working pc

Astro A40 is a skilled headset offered by gamers and also broadcasters all about the people. It has actually assistance for multiple platforms including PS4, Mac, and also PCs. It have the right to easily adapt to any atmosphere and includes a precision mic. There are additionally mod kits easily accessible which are provided to isolate noise in assorted tournaments.

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There is an recurring mic problem going on through the headcollection for rather a while now. Tright here are numerous reports by the customers wright here either mic doesn’t work-related or puts most background noise in the sound. Take a look at the workarounds provided listed below.

Before you move on via addressing the difficulty, make sure that the correct mode is selected in the mixamp. If you host the power button for 3 secs, the mode alters from the Xbox mode to COMPUTER mode

Systems 1: Making sure that the cable is put properly

There is well-known a trouble via Astra A40 headcollection where the cable doesn’t go appropriately inside the jack present in the headcollection. This is a production problem and also is common in all the headsets throughout the world. What you deserve to execute is make sure that the cable is fully plugged inside the jack. All the rings are inside and also there is no room left as watched in the image listed below. If you have inserted the cable completely and also still cannot hear the mic, relocate on to the following workroughly.

Systems 2: Plugging to the backside of the PC

The USB slot or the port into which you are plugging the cable can not be working as intended. It is not out of the blue if some USB slots or ports don’t support the cable while some of them carry out. Test the cable on various other USB slots. If you very own a PC, attempt plugging the receiver to the slots existing at the ago side of the PC. In instance of a laptop, try plugging in all USB slots present on both sides of the computer.

Check the form of USB slots you are plugging the receiver right into (2.0 or 3.0). If you are inserting the headset to a USB 3.0 or in front of the COMPUTER, attempt various other ports. Once you have exhausted and checked all alternatives and still the headset doesn’t work, move on to the following ones.

Systems 3: Setting as Default Device

We can attempt checking your device manually to troubleshoot any kind of trouble. Follow these procedures closely and also look for any type of references to other made in this solution.

Right-click on the speaker symbol present in the bottom-appropriate edge of your screen and also click on ‘Recording Devices”.


A list of all the recording devices linked to your computer system will certainly appear. Try speaking into your microphone, and view if tbelow any type of green bars increasing next to among them while you talk (as in the screenshot).

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If you don’t see any kind of green bars skip to action 5 directly.However, if you execute view green bars as soon as you talk right into the microphone, yet it still doesn’t work in some routine, then it suggests that the mic isn’t properly configured in Windows. It is possible that the program is listening to the wrong recording device. Try transforming your program’s settings.Check if you have the right to identify which one of the gadgets in the list is your  If you identify it, click on it to highlight it, and also then click on Set Default switch existing at the bottom of the screen.Check aacquire if you check out green bars climbing as soon as you talk right into the microphone. If you do, your mic is currently effectively set up. If not, continue to next step.Double-click on the device that represents your microphone. A brand-new home window will pop up consisting of the Microphone Properties. Select the Levels tab current at the peak of the screen.In the levels tab, drag the slider all the method to the right, until the number on the right states “100”.


Click OK and also conserve changes.Now examine aget if you check out green bars climbing as soon as you talk right into the microphone: if you carry out, your mic is currently correctly configured.If you still don’t check out any type of bars, and also you’re not 100% sure which one of the devices is the relevant one, attempt adhering to measures 5-10 for every gadget on the list.If you still don’t view any green bars, left-click inside the Recording tab and also make sure that “Show Disabled Devices” is checked. If not, click it so it checked. This method we will have the ability to watch all the disabled tools.


This can include additional devices to the list. Percreate steps 5-10 on those tools too until you view the green bars once talking into the mic.

Solution 4: Tweaking from the Application

Anvarious other thing you have the right to try prior to moving on to hardware choices is to examine if the settings in the Astro application are collection correctly. Also, if you have actually a pfinishing upday about the firmware, make certain you update it as shortly as possible. Updays are rolled out all the time to targain bug fixes and also assorted other glitches.

Launch the Astro Application and also click on the Microphone tab.Make sure that the USB Mic Level is set to the maximum value by relocating the slider to the incredibly appropriate.


After making the changes, departure and also examine if you have the right to usage your microphone properly.

If the trouble still persists, make sure that you have the latest firmware and also software set up. You can conveniently downpack these making use of the official webwebsite.

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Equipment 5: Buying a USB Stereo Adapter

Tright here are a number of laptop computers that don’t have actually 2 separate ports. One for headphone input and one for the mic output. Even if this is not the instance, your audio jack can not be functioning as intended. A simple solution is to buy a USB stereo adapter for your device. You have the right to plug in both the audio and also the mic jack into the adapter and also plug the adapter right into the USB port. You can easily buy this for $10 or so.