Apex legends frame rate issues

Apex Legends is a more distinctive and also magnified require to the entirety Battle Royals fad compared to the likes of Fortnite or PUBG — and also that’s a great thing!

Besides some of us really don’t choose all the annoying building that is in Fortnite and all we desire is simply more gun activity. 🔫

One of the major worries Apex Legends has actually had actually because the game released a few weeks back has been problems via low FPS.

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Even though we have actually GPUs prefer the RTX 2070, GTX 1080Ti, Ryzen 5, the game simply features prefer we’re playing on a freaking toaster.

The basic reality of having actually low FPS just provides the game even more unplayable, that’s the entirety factor why you’re reading this in the initially area. 😏

In this guide, I have actually compiled a couple of tweaks and recommended settings that have the right to possibly rise the FPS.

Personally, I’ve controlled to increase my FPS a small more than the 13 that I retained acquiring. 

So go via it, attempt it and also watch if it works. Also, comment down listed below if any among them substantially manperiods to work-related as it can assist others too.  🙂

How to Fix Apex Legends Low FPS Issue on PC: 5 Ways

1. Meeting the Minimum/Recommended Requirements for Apex Legends.

First and also forea lot of, it is absolutely important that before you carry out anypoint else in this guide that you make certain your machine is even capable of running Apex Legends.

Go via the list of requirements below and also examine if you satisfy them. It.’s vital to fulfill every one of the minimum system demands and have actually some of the recommended device demands in area to prevent such Low FPS concerns from emerging.

Minimum System Requirements for Apex Legends.
CPUIntel Core i3-6300 3.8GHz / AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GT 640 / Radeon HD 7700
OSWindows 10, 64-bit
HDD30GB obtainable space required

Recommfinished System Requirements for Apex Legends.
CPUIntel i5 3570K or equivalent
GPUNvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
OSWindows 10, 64-bit
HDD30GB accessible area required

2. Using the Right Graphics Card.

Common trouble customers have actually reported have actually been that Apex Legends might be using your built-in Intel graphics card and also not your dedicated one such as NVIDIA, AMD, EVGA, etc.

So depending upon your graphics card, you will must go the graphics card’s manage panel ideal in your PC and also then select Apex Legends as your regimen.

For instance, here’s just how you do it if you’re on an NVIDIA:

Jump into your PC, right-click almost everywhere on the screen and also then click to go to your NVIDIA Control Panel.
Once you have actually your NVIDIA Control Panel opened up and ready, click the Manage 3D Settings from the left-hand sidebar.Now under the Manage 3D Settings, click the Program settings tab. Then make sure under the Select a program to customize that you add your Apex Legends as your routine.

Help! I cannot find Apex Legends. What perform I do?

If in such situation you cannot uncover it, click Add and try to discover it from there. Also, make sure that you run the game initially and also then cshed it dvery own entirely before searching for it. It deserve to appear absent if the game is running in the background.

Great. Next off, appropriate under Select the desired graphics processor for this program: option, make sure that you pick the High-performance NVIDIA processor. Once you’ve schosen that, you deserve to then click Apply to apply the transforms. 


You have the right to similarly follow the above procedures even if you’re using a various one the likes of AMD, EVGA, etc. 

This deal with have to patch up many of the low FPS problems you were having actually. If it doesn’t, there are a couple of even more means that you can still try and do.

3. Optimization Tweaks for NVIDIA Users.

If you’re utilizing one of NVIDIA’s GPUs then you deserve to try some of the adhering to optimizations in the NVIDIA Control Panel on your COMPUTER to gain the a lot of juice out of the system.


Not all of these settings might apply to you.

Go ahead open up up your NVIDIA Control Panel (you deserve to right-click all over on your Windows residence display screen and then pick NVIDIA Control Panel from the list). Then navigate to Manage 3D Settings.Here make certain to set the complying with settings to the following values:Set Maximum pre-rendered frames to 1Set Monitor Technology to G-SYNC (if applicable)Set Multi-Display/Mixed GPU Acceleration to Single screen performance modeSetPower Management Mode to Prefer maximum performanceSet Texture filtering – Quality to PerformanceDisable Vertical SyncEnable Threaded OptimizationSet Preferred Refresh Rate to Highest availableOnce you’ve made your optimization tweaks, simple Apply the transforms and navigate to Adjust desktop dimension and also position.Over right here you deserve to inspect the checkbox beside Override the scaling mode collection by games and programs and also then hit Apply.

Done. The over tweaks should get the ideal out of your NVIDIA GPU and deal with up your Low FPS problem with Apex Legends.

4. Updating your Drivers.

It’s additionally important to regularly upday your graphics cards.

Outdated motorists can lead to loss of performance bereason it is not updated to the latest chauffeurs which have the right to acquire the finest out of your GPU.

Depfinishing on the make of your GPU (NVIDIA, AMD, etc) you have the right to download the latest drivers by going to their websites and downloading them from tbelow. For convenience I have actually included the links to the latest drivers for both NVIDIA and also AMD graphics cards below:

5. Choosing High Performance in your Windows Setups.

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Jump into your Windows 10 and click the search bar on the bottom. You desire to search for ‘Graphics Settings’. Click on the Graphics settings as soon as you uncover it.
Next, in your Graphics Settings page, under the Choose an application to set preference tright here will certainly be a dropdown menu. From the dropdown food selection pick the Classic app. Then choose Apex Legends and also click on the Options button.

Help! I don’t view the Apex Legends option. What do I do?

If for some factor you do not view Apex Legends when you’ve favored Standard application from the dropdown menu list, then simply Browse for the game, select it and also then lastly click the Options button.

Lastly, under the Graphics specifications choices, ssuggest select High performance. You’re excellent to go.

Try playing Apex Legends when aget to check out if the low FOS glitch still is current.

6. Tweaking the Windows Power Setting Performance.

At times your COMPUTER reduces its performance once the battery is low which can affect your Apex Legends game and also reason a drop in FPS.

To solve that simply jump into your Windows COMPUTER and click the Battery icon on the bottom right-hand content of the display screen. 

Then simply drag the slider from Best Battery Life to the Best Performance (right).


This little tweak is a super simple one that the majority of would regularly foracquire. This deal with must encertain that your machine runs at peak performance

7. Adjusting In-Video Game Setups to Increase FPS.

There are a couple of tweaks that you can execute to optimize your Apex Legends appropriate in the game’s menu itself. 

Do note that these are some of the recommfinished settings but you deserve to tweak them to your liking a bit.

Go ahead launch up your Apex Legends and also then open up up the settings page by clicking the gear symbol that is situated to the bottom right-hand corner.Next click on the Video tab.Now you deserve to collection the following settings to gain the ideal out of your game:Set Display Setting to Full Screen.Set Resolution to your monitor’s native resolution.Set V-Sync to Disabled. (This is important)Set Anti-aliasing to TSAA. Having this establishing at Disabled is not worth the FPS boost (around 2-3%)Set Texture Streaming Budget Plan to High.Set Texture Filtering to Anisotropic 4X.Set Ambient Occlusion Quality to Low
. This establishing has actually a very high affect on performance.Set Sun Shadow Coverage to Low.Set Sun Shadow Detail to Low.Set Spot Shadow Detail to Low.Set Volumetric Lighting to Disabled.Set Dynamic Spot Shadows to Disabled.Set Model Detail to Medium.Set Effects Detail to Medium.Set Impact Marks to Low.Set Ragdolls to Medium.


Done. You can attempt experimentation a game via Apex Legends to watch if this fixes the low FPS issue via the game.

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Hopefully among the above techniques should settle the Apex Legends Low FPS problem on COMPUTER. 

If it doesn’t then you might have to wait for EA to release an update. 

I will continue to upday this article over the coming weeks and also will be including even more efficient fixes.