Android unable to delete some documents

A few days ago, I downloaded a record of 1.9gb to my phone utilizing the utorrent application. Utorrent downloaded the file immediately to my inner storage, and because I just had 2 gigs of totally free area, the download did speak after a while. when I observed it I deleted some papers, and also the downpack went on. When the downpack was finished, I made a decision to take a look in my folder yet the folder which did have actually the name of the file that I downloaded was empty. So I checked my inner storage, but it was nearly full, so the file have to be somewhere on my tool.

In addition can"t I delete that empty folder. By the way: my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) is not rooted.

How deserve to I find that file, and how can I delete that folder?

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You can try SD Maid, and also see if it deserve to uncover the file. It has a feature that lets you search for the BIGGEST records. If that file was cached somewhere prior to it was put right into the correct folder, possibilities are SD Massist might have the ability to discover it.

I can not remember though if you require the Pro version to usage the attribute, yet carry out check it out.


Thanks everyone particularly you geffcheng! I ultimately found a means to delete the file. I believed that it might work if I downloaded the very same file on my pc, and also then transfered it to the very same folder(downloads) on the internal storage on my phone. I assumed that my pc would certainly ask if I wanted to overcreate the existing folder, however my pc didn"t and also I had actually 2 specifically the same folders in my download folder. Then I turned on the SDmassist application on my phone(while it was still plugged in my pc), and also I deleated the totality download folder. It actually worked!!

So many thanks aobtain to everyone that helped!

P.S. I"m sorry if you could"t understand also every little thing. I"m Dutch;)

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Get in to your settings on Then to storage, then wait for it to load phone file. Then tap on it. Then, provided room, then, select audio or whatever file you are in search of, yet for this question select audio...You will certainly then watch various folders there. Tap on each till you discover what you are searching for. Press and also host one file then from tright here to delete more papers after holding down one file the trash have the right to comes up then you deserve to select each folder from tright here then tap trash have the right to. All done

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