An internal error occurred while enumerating backup sets

I have a Windows Vista finish pc backup, as soon as i try to restore from backup.I acquired this error "an inner error emerged while enumerating backup sets".Full backup is store on exterior USB HDD.Any idea?Thanks

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same trouble through you .. Take a look here

It"s feasible that the folder I copied was corrupted somejust how. So, I simply deleted it from my USB difficult drive after doing a Drive Check (with only a Documents System Fix, from properties->devices the Drive Check button -- basically a checkdisk from explorer in Vista). I had actually also copied this folder to the Folder in Which MS keeps the backup sets. Anymeans, after deleting it, I don"t anymore gain the error "An internal error occured while enumerating backup sets". Now I"m restoring from my USB exterior drive with no trouble. Basically, the reason this trouble occurs unexpectedly is that something gets corrupted on the Drive you reclaim to from


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