An app on your pc needs the following windows feature

If you are utilizing Windows 8 or 10, you have actually probably noticed a pop up that requirements you to install .NET frame 3.5. The popups could be random if you are running applications in the background or on startup. The popup says:

“An app on your PC demands the adhering to Windows feature: .NET Frameoccupational 3.5 (contains Net 2.0 and 3.0)”


The popup is commonly actual but have the right to be motivated by any type of program that needs this frame, including malware. If you select to skip installation the popup might show up again once you attempt to install a regimen or when you try to run a details routine. However before, downloading and install it from the internet and also installing it to your PC will only rerotate an extra frustrating error that the frame is already set up. This post will certainly explain why this popup appears, what .NET structure is and also why it is needed on your COMPUTER. Ultimately, we will give you methods on exactly how you can install .NET Framejob-related 3.5 on your COMPUTER.

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To understand why .NET frame 3.5 is needed and why this request pops up, we initially need to understand also what .NET framework is. In programming, a framework is a repertoire of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that are typically a shared library of codes that developers have the right to call when arising applications. This method, they do not need to compose the code from scrape themselves, saving handy time and also therefore encouraging the programmer to emphasis on more on what the regimen can do. In the .NET Framework-related, that library of common code is named the Framejob-related Class Library (FCL). The codes in the shared library have the right to percreate all kinds of different attributes and they are hundreds of such codes. For example, the code to ping one more gadget on the netjob-related or the code to connect the ‘Open As’ or ‘Save As’ dialog boxes is hosupplied within this frame.

In enhancement to standardized codes, .NET structure offers a runtime setting to run applications that were constructed utilizing the frame codes. A runtime setting is sort of a sandbox in which applications run; the exact same thing that happens through java applications. The .NET runtime environment is named the Common Language Runtime (CLR). The CLR additionally, manperiods memory and also processor threads, handles routine exceptions, and also maneras defense. By compiling the codes before running them, the runtime atmosphere isolates the software application from the computer hardware hence ensuring that the coded regime can run in any kind of PC.

.NET framework was developed for a number of operating units, yet as a result of its proprietary nature, it is mainly supplied on Windows. Tright here have been several versions of .NET framework. The initial concept was that the more recent versions were backwards compatible to codes built using older versions. However before, it was realized that that can no longer be the case. However before, .NET Frameoccupational version 3.5 homes codes from variation 3.0 and also version 2.0 therefore is backwards compatible through those versions only. The latest version (V. 4.6) is not backwards compatible and is therefore usually run alongside other versions.

What reasons .NET structure 3.5 is needed popup in Windows 8/10

Windows 8 and Windows 10 commonly come loaded through both .NET Frameoccupational version 3.5 and also 4.6. However, just variation 4.6 is turned on, and also you will have to rotate on .NET Frameoccupational 3.5. Thus any programs that use the .NET version 3.5 structure will certainly trigger a popup that .NET Framejob-related 3.5 requirements to be set up since variation 4.6 is not backwards compatible. Numerous programs were made making use of this structure given that it supports programs coded in C#, C++, F#, Visual Basic, and a couple of dozen others. In a bid to encourage usage of the new version, the older .NET structure 3.5 is therefore disabled on your COMPUTER. However before, some coders distribute the forced version via their programs.

If you acquire the error that claims .NET variation 3.5 is needed on your COMPUTER to run a routine, you can usage the techniques below to install it to your computer system. .NET structure 3.5 consists of versions 3.0 and 2.0 and will therefore fix popups asking you to install version 3.0 and also 2.0.

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Method 1: Turn on .NET Framejob-related 3.5 in programs and features

Fortunately, .NET frame 3.5 comes spread via Windows 8 or 10. All you should perform is revolve it on and allow it to be used by programs that call it. That is why installing a downloaded .NET structure will simply state that the variation you are trying to install is currently in your PC. To turn this function on:

Press Windows Key + R to open up runType appwiz.cpl into the run textbox and also hit enter to open up the programs and also features windowClick on the connect “Turn Windows attributes on or off”.Look for “.NET Framework-related 3.5 (has .NET 2.0 and 3.0)”Check package on its left and also click OK to revolve .NET Framework-related 3.5 on.Restart your PC if triggered.

Method 2: Install and permit .NET Framejob-related 3.5 using DISM

By making use of the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) command-line tool, you have the right to install and also activate the .NET structure 3.5 on your PC. You will certainly require your Windows 8/10 DVD or ISO file to perform this.

Load your DVD into the tray and cshed it or appropriate click your .ISO file and also pick ‘mount’; the ISO file will be loaded as a online disk/drive (note the letter of this drive).Press Windows Key + R to open up the run windowType CMD into the run textbox and hit enter to open command also promptType or paste the command listed below right into your CMD window:

DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 /All /LimitAccess /Source:D:sourcessxs

Where D: is the route of your windows installation files (DVD or digital drive).Wait for the installation to complete successfulRebegin your COMPUTER if triggered.

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By Kevin Arrows May 9, 2019
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Fix: App on your PC needs .NET Framejob-related 3.5

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