Allow this device to wake the computer grayed out

I want my USB key-board to wake up my Windows 7 computer. I got in Device Manager, uncovered the USB root hub, and under the "power management" tab, the "Allow this tool to wake the computer" is greyed out and unselectable.So just how perform I enable my USB tool to wake up my computer?

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I have actually not tried via that route. I think you should go to each usb gadget in turn and apply the option (mouse: key-board etc)

In Device Manager, as I am certain you discovered, tright here are several USB Root Hubs, You may have the ability to determine which hub the computer mouse and also key-board are connected to from the Power tab; then you just must enable that one hub, and also deserve to let the COMPUTER turn off the others. But have you tried any kind of of the others?

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There are a few things to examine. Biggest one is to go to your Device Manager and also look under "Keyboards". Right-click the keyboard itself and also choose the power administration tab. It will certainly offer you an option right here to allow the tool to wake the system.If this setting is ALSO grayed out, then make sure the sleep/suspend settings in the BIOS are permitted. Most often these have the right to be uncovered in the Power Management Setup area. Tright here is likewise a setting right here to allow the keyboard to wake up the COMPUTER, this need to be enabled too.There are a few even more things it might be but the over two need to perform it for ya.
Hello Derbal213,Could you share your BIOS changes to resolve your issue? I had actually very same issue through usb device (connect to front usb port). Its option "Allow this device to wake the computer" is greyed out and also unselectable. The only option i have the right to check/uncheck is "Allow the computer system to revolve off this device to conserve power", however it is not what i needIn summary, my purpose is have one usb device (will present under Person Interconfront Device list of tool manager). Browse properties of this HID tool, it shows it attach to hub #7, so i checked out "Universial Serial Bus controller", choose the 7th USB Root Hub and check out the gadget tright here, yet in Power monitoring tab, option "Allow this gadget to wake the computer" is grey outCould you advise this?

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