Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device

Allowing applications to take exclusive regulate of an audio device can cause Overwatch to crash while Skype is open

So, because I obtained Overwatch a week earlier, I've been having actually random crashes to desktop computer. No freezing or hanging up, just choose an alt+f4, however through an error code (which was various eincredibly time). They were at seemingly random intervals, too. Different components of the game -- hero pick, in complement, victory screen, you name it; only one that I didn't endure was title food selection crashes. Sometimes they would certainly take place within a couple of minutes of each various other, somepoint an hour or even more would certainly go by.

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After going through all the troubleshooting procedures both on and off the phone with Blizzard assistance, we'd uncovered... nopoint. They'd noticed that my graphics driver was throwing up errors, however multiple clean reinstalls of different motorists available no services. After doing a clean boot and also beginning up my background applications one at a time, I noticed that the crashing began once I was running Skype. As I'd currently unmounted Click to Call (which is apparently a problematic program, so if you're having trouble you might attempt that, too), this was mystifying to both myself and also the 3 various representatives I was speaking to by this point. They had me try a few various other things while I was on the phone, yet no luck. The techs and also I were suspicious that the trouble was being caused by Overwatch and also Skype "fighting" over one or even more of my audio gadgets. Disabling voice chat in game didn't solve anything, yet it's incredibly possible that the game is coded in such a way that it still attempts to connect with your audio tools even if you have voice chat disabled.

Then today I remembered something: Windows has a setup for audio tools that permits programs to take exclusive regulate of them. I was distantly conscious of this resulting in an problem via an additional regime in the previous when Skype was open, as Skype is a greedy regimen and also desires to take exclusive regulate of every accessory it probably can. So, I got in my Audio Device Manager (win+r, "Audio Device Manager"), got in the properties for each audio tool (both playback and also recording), schosen the "Advanced" tab, and also barred programs from taking exclusive control of them.

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Sure enough, I was able to play for about 4 hours straight without a crash. Later now I intend to test if it was a details audio tool that was leading to the trouble (my suspicion is that it's whichever before device is set to the "default communication device"), but for best currently I'm just happy to acquire in a lengthy session without having to problem around leaving my team hanging at an essential moment, or getting a leaver penalty because it cramelted appropriate as the game was finishing.

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Hopetotally this saves somebody the hrs of time Blizzard support and I spent troubleshooting these mysterious crashes.