All open handles to this volume would then be invalid

My difficulty is that CHKDSK will not run on my system and I fear it is because I have poor sectors on my tough drive.

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My device is a Dell in Sparano and also 411Z through a Intel Core i5-2450M CPU
2.50 GHz through 8 GB of RAM running the Success 7 64 little operating device.

My C drive is NTFS through a total of 679 GB, 516 GB provided 162 GB complimentary.

When I tried to schedule CHKDSK to run the following time the computer system is restarted CHKDSK does not run.

Based on other conversations on this topic I have run sfc /scancurrently. The cbs.log that is created is 14,585 KB. When I attempt to review it in message format it is 24,000 peras.

Any thoughts on what to do?

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Here you go:

1. Keep tapping F8 in the time of the early boot phase.2. Select Repair from the food selection.3. Log on as Administrator if triggered.4. Select Repair when motivated.5. Select the Command also Prompt from the menu.6. Identify the correct drive letter for your Windows installation. It could be a drive other than C: but it won"t be X:. You perform it by typing the commands dir C:Win* dir D:Win* dir E:Win* until you check out the Windows folder. I shall speak to that drive "Q:".7. Type this command and also press Enter: chkdsk Q: /R

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Replied on October 4, 2015
In reply to Frederik Long's post on October 2, 2015

Thank you Frederik Long for your assistance.

I did the following:

Completely shut down the computer then began it up tapping F8 during the early boot phase.

The Advance Boot Options display showed up and also I schosen Repair your Computer.

A System Recoextremely Options home window showed up and I selected the US key-board input strategy. I then hit Next off.

Another Systems Recovery Options window showed up which enabled me to log on as an administrator which I did. I then hit OK.

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The following food selection items showed up in the following System Recoextremely Options window:

Startup RepairSystem RestoreSystem Image RecoveryWindows Memory DiagnosticsCommand PromptDell Documents Safe Restore And Emergency Back-up

I selected Startup Repair which produced Startup Repair display screen that had a in search of problems development indicator.

The next startup repair displays said “Startup repair might not detect a problem”. Below this statement were two choices:

“View diagnostic and also repair details” and also “View advanced choices for mechanism recoexceptionally and support.”

I selected “View diagnostic and repair details” which developed a Startup Repair display screen which included the complying with diagnosis and also repair details.

Startup repair diagnosis and repair log


Number of repair attempts: 1

Session details


System disk = DeviceHard disk 0

Windows magazine = C:Windows

AutoChk Run = zero

Number of root reasons = 1

Test Performed:


Name: Check for updates

Result: Completed effectively. Error code = 0x0

Time taken = 0ms

Test Performed:


Name: System disk test

Result: Completed effectively. Error code equals 0x0

Time taken = 0ms

Test Performed:


Name: Disk faitempt diagnosis

Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0x0

Time taken = 109ms

Test Performed:


Name: Disk metadata test

Result: Completed effectively. Error code = 0x0

Time taken = 63ms

Test Performed:


Name: Targain Oh S test

Result: Completed effectively. Error code = 0 x0

Time taken = 452ms

Test Performed:


Name: Volume content check

Result: Completed properly. Error code = 0 x0

Time taken = 406 ms

Test performed:


Name: Boot manager diagnosis

Result: Completed properly. Error code = 0x0

Time taken = 0 ms

Test Performed:


Name: System boot log diagnosis

Result: Completed efficiently. Error code = 0x0

Time taken = 0 ms

Test Performed:


Name: Event log diagnosis

Result: Completed successfully. Error code = 0 0

Time taken = 327 ms

Test Performed:


Name: Internal state check

Result: Completed efficiently. Error code = 0 0

Time taken amounts to 16 ms

Test Performed:


Name: Boot condition test

Result: Completed efficiently. Error code = 0 0

Time taken = 16 ms

Root cause found

Boot condition suggests that the OS booted properly.

I hit the close switch and also the response was the go back to the Startup Repair display through the message “Startup Repair can not detect a problem”

I hit the Finish button

I was went back to the 6 option System Recoextremely Options display.

I selected the “Command also Prompt” option.

The command also prompt screen home window was titled Administrator X:Windowsmechanism 32CMD.EXE.

The 1st line in the screen was Windows

The prompt was X:windowssystem32>

I typed in: dir C:Win*

The response in the command prompt display screen was:

A volume in drive C is OS

Volume Serial Number is C43F-51D2

Directory of C:

0 Files 0 bytes

1 Dir 174,869,729,280 bytes complimentary.

Then at the device prompt X:windowssystem32> I typed chkdsk C: /R

The response was:

The form of the file mechanism is NTFS

CHKDSK cannot run because the volume is in usage by another procedure. CHKDSK might run if this volume is disinstalled first. ALL OPENED HANDLES TO THIS VOLUME WOULD THEN BE INVALID. Would you choose to force a dismount on this volume

I responded by typing a N since I don’t understand what dismounting meant and it didn’t sound choose a good principle to me.

The response of the system was:

CHKDSK cannot run bereason the volume is in usage by one more process. Would you prefer to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the device restarts?

I typed a Y to respond and also obtained this response:

this volume will certainly be checked the following time the system restarts.

I was then ago to the System Recoincredibly Options window.

I schosen the Windows Memory Diagnostic alternative.

I was then provided the alternative to either “Rebegin currently and also inspect for difficulties (recommended)” or “Check for difficulties the following time I begin my computer system.”

I made the first option “Rebegin currently and examine for difficulties (recommended).”

The check took a while then rebooted my COMPUTER without reporting any type of problems.

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Bottom line: I cannot tell if chkdsk has actually run and also I don’t understand if my tough drive all screwed up via negative sectors and impfinishing crash.

What else must I be doing to proccasion a computer crash and also loss of data?

BTW, what began this multi day job was establishing up a regional drive to serve as a tertiary backup for my constant Carbonite cloud backup. The backup seemed to take forever thus the interest in making certain tright here were not problems on my C: tough drive.