All boot options are tried

I would certainly choose to buy a 2nd hand also samsung series 9 lappeak. But via error " all boot alternative tried.

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Press f4 vital to recuperate with manufacturing facility photo utilizing recoextremely or any others key for next boot loop iteration."

My question is, with error like over, have the right to i re-install the laptop through fresh windows 8?

If yes, how to carry out it?

Thank you.

I am additionally sick of this very very annoing thing which I have actually viewed in GIGABYTE 4th gen non branded devices. if you have actually attached a usb storage whether it is a usb or exterior hdd..if you have shutdown ur pc the whenever before U starts it ,it tries to boot from that usb which u forgottoen attached in usb port..then U lost ur perfectely running windows,,, why

also you cannot repair ur windows

shutdown or restarts, gigabyte mobo bios instantly tries to boot from last thing attached via pc..

any type of usb drive or also a harddrive (hot swapped)for any kind of purpose u hv attached..

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iN my case i am a shopkeeper , i recover information for my clients ..

Muchas actually gracias, era eso entre a la BIOS y cambie la configuración de arranque, guarde los cambios, reinició y excelente inicio Windows. Fue de mucha ayuda, saludos.






yes you deserve to provided that the HDD is not damaged ....

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To use a Pendrive You will certainly require a 4GB+ USB flash drive for this procedure. then create your bootable USB Disk for the home windows Or a windows 8 DVD disk

Then Follow below:

Shut dvery own the computer and also reboot into the BIOS by pushing F2 continuously instantly after pushing the Power switch. Under the "Advanced" tab, collection Fast BIOS Mode to Disabled. Under the "Boot" tab, collection Secure Boot to Disabled, then OS Mode Selection to CSM OS. Then pick "Boot Device Priority" and also move USB HDD to the height. and Save your settings then restart

The computer system must restart and also boot from your USB drive into the Windows installation. Go via the prompts and also choose the tradition installation option and when it asks wbelow you desire to install Windows, click "Drive alternatives (advanced)" and delete all the partitions on the drive and also develop your desire

The installation will go with and also then rebegin, remove the USB Drive and reinsert it once the Win Logo showed up (If you don"t rerelocate the USB disk, you will finish up at the initial installation prompt again)

Once the installation is finished you have the right to go to Samsung website and search your ur lap design missing chauffeurs and download them.


reboot into the BIOS and set Quick BIOS Mode back to Enabled (but keep Secure Boot disabled and the OS Setting as CSM OS) and also you"re done!