Alienware plugged in not charging

Just started getting the plugged in not charging for my battery on my 17R2, I"ve tried all the job-related arounds I can find virtual, yet uneffective so much through getting it to job-related. It seemed to be stuck at 78%, then 81%, and also it currently just obtained to 83% prior to it quit, this was on power dvery own and also restarts over the previous few days.

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If it stops at approx. the same spot each time, might that show a battery issue? I realize it"s out of warranty, which finished in April.....dang.

Any thoughts or suggestions, I do not desire to, however would sfinish to AW to obtain this resolved, just scared that it"ll expense an arm and a leg to acquire it addressed, Any concept of the cost?


Any help or ideas would be appreciated, Thanks in development if you can help me.


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Lord Zog


Right click the battery symbol in the system tray and also go to Deskoptimal Mode Battery Charge.. If it"s permitted, it will perform what your suffering.. Disable it if its enabled and also attempt aobtain to verify. If it charges, the battery is fine.

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Lord Zog,

No joy, I disabled the desktop computer battery charge, clicked charge to 100%, and also restarted it. It goes back to 83%, I have the right to pull the charging cable off and usage battery, it charges fine until it gets to 83% and then get the same thing.

Could this show a negative battery? Any various other thoughts? Can I trick the system right into permitting it to charge fully?

Thanks aacquire for your help,


I had the exact same thing happen to me on my M17x R4. I updated the Bios and it solved it. then about a year later it taken place again an the battery is now dead so it"ll just job-related when plugged in (which I am doing currently while i wait for my new Alienware 17 R3 to acquire right here. But I can"t update the Bios to resolve it without charging the battery so i"m kinda screwed lol. Alienware sassist I need a brand-new charger and also battery. yet it was time for a brand-new computer system anymeans. I"d speak to them. they gave me a sick deal


Thanks Brett, I appreciate your assist, I"ll try altering the BIOS, It"s on A06 appropriate currently, I might attempt downgrading the BIOS to a prior one. I"d choose not to have to contact Alienware if I do not need to, it"s out of warranty so it"ll be on my dime regardless. Sorry about your dilemma with yours.

Good luck via your brand-new 17R3!!!

Thanks aacquire for your assist,



no upday on this?

I have actually the exact same problem on a 15R2 and also sent it off to DELL. their technician says its because of the batteries. the stress and anxiety tests display nothing on the batteries..

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it began happening after they reinserted my motherboard for significant overheating approximately the charge port..

how did you resolve it?

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