Aertsr64 exe what is it

When you open up Task Manager and also experienced AERTSr.exe you may at some point perplexed, what is this? Is it a virus or not? Here we talk about some of the characteristics of AERTSr64 in Windows 10. Don’t problem it is not a virus as it is a integrated routine of the operating mechanism. It’s a 64-bit routine file for this reason can’t be compatible through 32-little Computers.

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AERTSr64 in Windows 10 Details

What is AESRTSr64 in Windows 10?

AERTsr64.exe is an executable file current on your Windows 10. Basically, it is a component of Realtek High Definition Audio Driver which is emerged by Andrea Electronics.

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Its latest version is, specially designed for Windows.

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AESTSr64.exe stands for Andrea Electronics System Tray Audio Service wright here 64 tell about the mechanism configuration i.e. 64 BIT Computer. It is worth noting that this executable file i.e. AERTsr64.exe is not among the core papers of Windows Operating System. It is simply an extra record which can be allowed or disabled for one’s own usage.

Original FilenameAERTSr64.EXE
Type of fileApplication (.exe)
Display NameAndrea RT Filters Service
Latest Version1.0.64.10
Command-line %system%AERTSr64.exe
File Location %programfiles%RealtekAudioHDAAERTSr64.EXE
Service Name AERTFilters
Product NameAPO Access Service (64-bit)
Startup TypeInstalled as Windows service