Adobe reader could not open because it is either not a supported file type

Tright here are times once Acrobat Reader DC fails to open a PDF file and also display screens the following error message – Adobe Acrobat Reader might not open up PDF because it is either not a sustained file kind or bereason the file has actually been damaged. It is greatly checked out through customers who frequently convert files to pdf by using Microsoft print to PDF. See what you can execute to settle the trouble, quickly.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader can not open up PDF

Earlier, Acrobat products percreated no checks on the extraneous bytes existing prior to the %PDF-header. Because of this, it can open up a PDF file as long as the %PDF-header began within the initially 1024 bytes of the file. There’s yet, a readjust in the plan of things currently. The latest updates have enhanced defense by enforcing stricter parsing of the PDF-header. So, PDFs that execute not effectively begin with the ‘%PDF-‘ header are prevented from opening and also you check out the error message as defined over.To remove this error and open up the file usually, you can modify the means the PDF is produced, making sure that no extraneous bytes show up before %PDF at the head of the file.
Launch the Run dialog box by pushing Win+R in combination.Type Regedit in the empty area of package and also press Go into.

When the Registry Editor opens up, navigate to the following path deal with –HKCUSoftwareAdobe(product name)(version) AVGeneral keyIf the key does not exist, create it manually.Switch to the right-pane.Create a brand-new DWORD worth – bValidateBytesBeforeHeader.

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Set its value to 0.Close and Exit the Registry Editor.Related read: Adobe Reader not functioning in Windows 10.Try opening your PDF file aget. It must load usually. If it does not, you might usage Edge or any various other different totally free PDF Reader.

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Hope that helps!


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