Adddlldirectory could not be located kernel32.dll

Despite being one of the the majority of effective operating devices, also Windows run right into numerous unexpected errors occasionally. One such error is “Entry Point Could Not be Located”. The error commonly occurs as soon as you’re trying to launch the software on your system.

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If you’ve also encountered the same error, don’t panic, the complying with overview will certainly help you fix the procedure enattempt allude adddllcatalog can not be located and continue installing drivers without any type of interruption.

Part 1: What is the Entry Point Not Found error

In Windows, when you launch any type of regime, the operating mechanism will automatically reach the application’s enattempt suggest and also transfer the OS manage entirely. Each software application has actually its dedicated entry point that acquires the manage for numerous resources to effectively launch the application.

However before, as soon as this “Enattempt allude can not be located” will certainly expect that Windows has actually faibrought about reach the required enattempt suggest. As a result, the application won’t begin and also Windows will return the error message instead.

“Enattempt Point Could Not be Located” is shown via a specific error code. In this case, “adddlldirectory” means that Windows has actually fairesulted in situate an entry suggest in the dynamic connect library (DLL). This error code is usually presented as soon as you’re trying to install brand-new device vehicle drivers.

Now that you recognize what “Entry Point not found” implies, let’s watch just how to solve the entry allude error when installing drivers on your mechanism.

Fix 1: Installing Windows upday KB2533623 to solve this error

If you’ve newly updated Windows on your COMPUTER, there’s a vast chance that it’s absent a crucial update that’s forced to install new drivers. In this situation, you’ll have to download and also install the KB2533623 upday from Microsoft’s main website.

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Downfill the right file as per your device design (32-little or 64-bit) and also install the upday to resolve the “Entry allude error” while installing chauffeurs.

Fix 2: Shave the right to through System File Checker

System File Checker is a Windows energy that instantly scans and repairs damaged device papers. It means you can additionally usage this energy to deal with the “entry allude error”, given that the absent “dll” file is a system file.

Step 1: Launch Command Prompt as an Administrator on your system.

Step 2: Now, execute the “sfc /scannow” command also to launch System Data Checker energy.



As soon as you execute the command also, Windows will certainly immediately begin repairing all the damaged system documents. Once the process completes, restart your COMPUTER and also view if the problem is gone or not.

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Fix 3: Rekeep your COMPUTER to a previous regain point

If none of these methods work-related, you deserve to simply restore Windows to a previous point to resolve the “Entry point not discovered error”. However before, this method will certainly only work-related if you’ve actually created a regain allude. You’ll likewise require a Windows installation media to gain back Windows to an earlier allude.