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installing the "AwayMode" driver must deal with that.Check your board manufacturer"s webwebsite for the driver, unmuch less your machine is a branded OEM model in which instance you have to only use drivers from the PC maker"s website.

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Thanks for the response, Ive searched Asus website a fewtimes but have actually had actually no luck finding this driver.

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All PC"s are not the exact same. Posting your COMPUTER specs will aid us to aid you quicker and successfully.
Its a retail variation. Im not sure if this is correct yet I might have actually check out its not compatible with Windows 7 64 bit? I upgraded a couple months ago not certain if that is the problem?

I have actually had the same difficulty with ACPI/0001. I have actually downloaded AmiAmethod file and I have actually reextended my XP. By the way tanks PIP22 for your cooperation.Cheers
Sorry to resurrect the dead but isn"t this likewise part of the nVidia nforce driver package?Might be an updated variation in it?

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