Acer laptop volume too low

I have a low sound volume trouble via my Acer lapoptimal that I bought last month, cannot boost the sound of my 2 lapoptimal Stereo Speakers (Windows Media Player, device and also streaming), Windows Sound Enhancement (no loudness option) increases the bass a little bit yet reduces the as a whole volume while the Acer “TrueHarmony” choice in Realtek’s Audio Consingle additionally reduces the volume. The well-known Windows Loudness improvement alternative is not easily accessible on my mechanism (Windows10 develop 18363), turning all controls off/on and also altering the bit rate/frequencies do not affect the (low) volume.

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My Acer lapoptimal sound device is controlled by a hybrid of sound drivers: Intel (chipset), Realtek (sound effects), Windows Audio and also Audio End Point builder solutions (speakers and also effects) and Acer (TrueHarmony) and also I would certainly not be surprised if some vehicle drivers are not installed effectively or not compatible with Windows10sound protocol. technical assistance (remote session) reinstalled my NVidia MX250 video drivers as the one I had actually (set up by Acer) were wrong or outdated, likewise reset up the latest Realtek HD Audio driver trying to get a louder volume yet no such luck. The device rebooted twice once reinstalling the Realtek audio driver that the technician found very odd (maybe a reset to previous drivers?) and the reality that I have to collection my volume (both Media Player and Windows/Realtek sound console) to 100% to listen to music (speech is hard to understand) for Acer’s latest flagship Aspire 5 lapheight design bothers me a lot. I don’t desire to reset (factory setting) my laptop or reinstall Windows10 yet as I live remotely (through metered slow-moving WIFI) and the lapoptimal came without any DVDs!

Luis Valderrama, Techburn, reperceived 2 months earlier a lower level Acer Aspire 5 A515-54G-73WC version and also states: “sound is flat. The duo stereo speakers arequite loud but they distort at high quantities, but still audible at best. They suffice for the casual YouTube watcher, movie fanatic and also TV mirrors enthusiast. If you require more than the speakers produce, it’s time to grab your favorite headphones.” So perhaps Acer tried to rectify this sound distortion for the better version via renovations prefer “TrueHarmony” application that reduces the volume (and also distortion).

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No response from Acer support SE Asia.

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Anyone who have the right to melted some light on my sound problem or is acquainted through this lappeak version please let me understand.