Acer aspire keeps shutting off

My Acer Aspire 5560-7402 Laptop has actually begun to shut dvery own for no reason whether I am on line or not. I have run all the diagnostic test available on my computer and nothing is arriving. I am running Windows 7. Does anyone understand why this is happening? It is incredibly annoying especially when I am in the middle of creating a file or e-mail. Thanks for any type of help or details anyone deserve to provide! LC
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Replied on December 24, 2017
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If a system overheats and also gets a thermal occasion it will shutdvery own (power off) to proccasion long-term damages. There will normally be no warning message, no Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), nothing logged and periodically you will have to wait for the system to cool off a bit prior to it will rebegin. This is not the very same as a BSOD once some component of Windows OS crashes.

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Wouldn"t it make feeling to view what your system temperatures are currently before you start making adjustments?

Then you will certainly be able to recognize if the difficulty is heat connected and after that you will be able to understand if your adjustments are having actually any type of result or not - but initially you have to watch what points looks like currently.

If you downfill the totally free version of Speccy you deserve to view what your temperatures are and also lots of other things:

You have the right to uninstall Speccy later on if you do not favor it.

You have the right to provide all the information asked for by Canadian Tech (and lots more) in one reply if you perform this:

Launch Speccy and also after it has analyzed, click Data, Publish Snapswarm, Yes, Copy to Clipboard:


That will copy the URL of your mechanism information to the Windows clipboard.

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In your next reply, push Ctrl-V (the Windows paste operation) to post the URL to your Speccy snapswarm.

When Speccy is running temperatures in green are excellent and also temperatures in red would certainly be poor (in this example whatever is green=good and also red=bad):


Remember: Green=Good Orange=A Question Red=Bad

If you minimize Speccy to the mechanism tray the average temperature will still be shown alongside the mechanism clock so you deserve to keep an eye on it and also if it gets into the red, you have a thermal problem:


See if you deserve to redevelop the shutdvery own trouble while Speccy is running and also reflecting the temperature of things.

Keep an eye on the temperature while you are doing whatever you perform that reasons the device to shutdown.

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