A problem occurred while trying to open this message

In the last 24hrs I have been unable to open up a brand-new email or reply to anything I have actually received. When I click brand-new message, or attempt to reply to one I gain the adhering to from Live drive" A problem has arisen while trying to open this message. A difficulty has occurred. Please attempt again." I am receiving every little thing perfectly well and also the problem? seems to be in my computer not with the server as it won"t even let me open anypoint let alone send anything. Any classiccomputers.info for this one? I have uninstalled the software and reinstalled it but to no avail! I have run an AV sdeserve to and done some maintainence. Everything else appears to be functioning fine. This has actually only occurred in the last 24 hrs.

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A. User
Replied on April 18, 2013

Hi barry paton,

I will certainly be happy to assist you in refixing your worry through regard to being unable to open email messages in Windows Live Mail.

It is feasible that Mail.MsMessageStore file was corrupted. Please follow the procedures listed below on just how to repair the file:

1. Restart the computer (this is to ensure that Live Mail is completely shut dvery own, and that namong it"s components are in use as soon as the computer starts)

2. Click Start, form CMD but perform not push enter

3. You will see cmd.exe in the search results, right click it and also selectRun as Administrator - type your admin password if asked, and also if UAC pops up asking permission, permit it

4. You need to now see the command prompt, through the complying with displayed:

classiccomputers.info Windows


5. Copy the following (press Ctrl+C):

esentutl.exe -d "%userprofile%AppDataLocalclassiccomputers.infoWindows Live MailMail.MSMessageStore"

Note: the "" are necessary

6. Right click in the command also prompt Window, and also select Paste, so you currently see the following:

classiccomputers.info Windows

C:Windowssystem32>esentutl.exe -d "%userprofile%AppDataLocalclassiccomputers.infoWindows Live MailMail.MSMessageStore"