A device attached to the system is not functioning network share

You have taken superb photos through your iPhone and also want to copy them to the COMPUTER to view them on a huge display screen. You affix your iPhone to the PC, yet unexpectedly there is an error message that runs: “A device attached to the mechanism is not functioning”.

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What does this message mean? It suggests tright here is a connectivity issue in between the COMPUTER and the linked iOS device, and also Windows assumes that the gadget (iPhone or iPad) is not available. The error deserve to take place as a result of a number of factors yet rest assured: it is a reasonably widespread problem that can be addressed rather quickly.

This point-by-allude guide will explain what to carry out if you view this error.

First point to check: device connection

In some situations, the error can take place bereason of a connectivity issue in between the USB tool (in this situation, your iPhone) and the COMPUTER.

To prevent this, disaffix your iPhone or iPad from the COMPUTER. If tright here are other USB tools connected to your computer at the same time, unplug them also. Once it is done, reattach your iOS tool to the COMPUTER, preferably using a different USB port and a various cable (watch more around ports and cables below).


What is resulting in the error in Windows 10?

First points first, let’s take a closer look at the many widespread causes for this error.

In fact, for a lengthy time (founding from iOS 11 and also iPhone 7), the default formats for Apple’s images and videos have been HEIF and HEVC respectively. If you are interested in what they are, check out what Apple hregarding say about them. These layouts offer the very same or better top quality than JPEG and H.264 while taking as much as 50% much less room. On the other hand also, they are still a lot less widespcheck out external the Apple world and also are not compatible through Windows without one-of-a-kind codecs.


This is why, as soon as you copy your HEIF or HEVC documents to a PC, they are immediately converted to JPEG and H.264 layouts. However, it is in the time of this real-time conversion that the notorious error “A device attached to the device does not work-related correctly” deserve to occur.

Numerous tests brought out on iOS devices have demonstrated: the error extremely often occurs when tbelow is no totally free room on the iPhone or iPad. Why? Well, if there is not enough memory then tbelow is not sufficient space to save converted records on the iOS device before moving them to the COMPUTER. Suddenly, the device does not understand also what is happening … and that triggers an error.

Now, just how to get rid of that?

Solution 1. Free up room on iPhone or iPad

We already recognize that among the many widespread causes for the error is absence of space on the iOS device once converting HEIF / HEVC photos and videos.

This is why we strongly recommfinish that, before going on to the various other remedies presented listed below, you check the storage area on your device by going to Settings> General> iPhone Storage.


Important reality

💡 It is strongly recommended that you have at least 1 GB of totally free room obtainable on the iPhone or iPad. If you uncover that your available space is below this limit, consider freeing up some space on your gadget. To aid you perform this, we created a guide on just how to optimize iPhone storage. Additionally, here’s an post from Apple via tips on just how to check and regulate area on your iPhone

Equipment 2. Transfer the original files

As explained over, the error occurs once HEIF (HEVC) documents are converted to JPEG (H.264) format during the deliver to PC. It is therefore not surprising that we deserve to get approximately this problem … by simply preventing converting files in the time of the carry. Here’s exactly how to perform the trick:

1. On your iOS gadget, go to Settings and scroll dvery own to “Photos”. 2. In the section “Transfer to Mac or PC” at the bottom of the screen, select “Keep Originals”.


That did it! From now on, photos and videos will be transferred to the PC via their original extension.

However, as we already recognize, Windows does not support HEIF / HEVC papers. So how execute you view them on the PC? Well, tright here are 2 solutions:

Downpack a codec that “teaches” Windows to read HEIF and also HEVC papers without converting them to JPEG. These codecs deserve to be phelp (like the ones Windows provides as soon as you click a HEIC file) or totally free like classiccomputers.info HEIC.

Download classiccomputers.info HEIC for free


Equipment 3. Transfer photos from iPhone to PC by means of classiccomputers.info Photo

By far the most basic and fastest method is to usage our classiccomputers.info Photo application which has actually been designed for transferring photos from iPhone to PC.

What advantages does it offer? Well, if the default settings of your iPhone have not been changed, this software program retrieves the original HEIC records and also converts them utilizing PC sources, hence sparing your iPhone the initiative.

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* As the iOS tool doesn’t have to reserve area for conversion this efficiently eliminates the majority of scenarios that deserve to cause the error. In addition, the protocols offered by classiccomputers.info Photo encertain a really steady connection. And if you don’t want to transform the files to JPEG, classiccomputers.info Picture deserve to transport them in their original format.

You can download classiccomputers.info Photograph by clicking on the button below:

Download classiccomputers.info Photo

⭐ Want to understand even more about transporting photos and also videos by means of classiccomputers.info Photo? Here is the finish guide: How to transport iPhone photos to PC?


Further solutions

You have tried whatever yet still the worry persists? Aside from the absence of space in the time of convariation, the error have the right to be led to by a selection of technical problems such as poor link, incompatible motorists or a faulty USB port. See our troubleshooting tips below:

Systems 4. Try a various USB port or lightning cable

Good advice not to be overlooked

In order to avoid any type of troubles with connection, it is recommfinished to purchase the original, Mfi certified lightning cables. Using non-certified cables have the right to cause technological difficulties.

You deserve to tell that the cable is MFi certified if it has actually the following logo design on the packaging:


If you would choose to recognize even more around MFi certified accessories, be sure to read the overview by igeeksblog.

Also, remember to inspect for damage. Even if the cable seems to be all right via no visible defects, it may still be wise to try another.


You can additionally try connecting your lightning cable to an additional USB port bereason it is a possibility something went wrong with the initially one. If your COMPUTER has actually even more than 2 ports, it might be useful to check every one of them, one by one.

Equipment 5. Update the Apple drivers

In some situations, a poor connection may be led to by outdated chauffeurs.

Do you want to install the latest Apple vehicle drivers without having to resolve iTunes? We made it possible! To do this, use the classiccomputers.info Drivers Installer application. Here is the article that explains exactly how to proceed:

Install iPhone and also iPad Drivers without iTunes

*classiccomputers.info Drivers Installer will ask you to uninstall iTunes: this is a momentary measure and also you will certainly only must perform this when. We ask you to uninstall iTunes to reshuffle the chauffeurs components. After you have done that, you can install and usage iTunes again: your media library won’t be influenced.

If you want to, you can install the latest version of iTunes. During installation, the latest crucial chauffeurs will be downloaded automatically. Depending on the version of iTunes set up on your PC, pick one of these 2 methods:

If you downloaded iTunes from the Apple website, open iTunes and go to “Help”> “Check for updates”.


If you downloaded iTunes from Microsoft Store, find the Microsoft Store application through the search bar or by clicking the “Start” button and also open up it. Then click on the three dots in the top-best edge of the display and pick “Downlots and also updates”.

Equipment 6. Reset area and also privacy

When you attach your iPhone to the PC for the first time, you are asked to trust the computer first. In some instances (for instance, if you clicked “No” or somepoint went wrong), the error “A gadget attached to the system is not functioning properly” may occur. Unfortunately, the just solution accessible in this scenario is to recollection the settings.

To perform this, disconnect your iPhone from the PC, then go to Settings -> General -> Recollection and also pick Reset place and also privacy. You will certainly be asked to insert your passcode.



This will certainly erase all your settings about trusted computer systems to which you have actually connected your iPhone in the past.

Once you have actually recollection these settings, reconnect your iPhone to the PC and confirm that you trust this computer.

We hope this article helped you to uncover the efficient solution to correct the above explained issue! Let us understand around your suffer via this error.

* For converting HEVC video documents, classiccomputers.info Photograph will certainly use the resources of Camera Roll, however only if tbelow is sufficient room on the tool. If the storage is not adequate, classiccomputers.info Photo will certainly carry papers in the original.

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Error 0x80070141: the device unreachable

The error 0x80070141 means that the tool is unreachable. It is one of the most recognizable errors encountered by Android and iOS users. It occurs when the user is trying to open, copy or relocate a photo from a video camera storage gadget to COMPUTER.


When transporting files from your iOS gadget to COMPUTER follow these troubleshooting measures to resolve this issue:

Disaffix your device;Go to Settings;Open Photos;Scroll dvery own to “Transfer to Mac or PC” and also select “Keep originals”;Try to copy/paste papers again.

It need to work-related fine now!