A certificate was explicitly revoked

I have actually a driver that is signed by my company and Microsoft as per MS guidelines for motorists in Windows 10. When I try to begin this driver in Windows 10 S mode retransforms "A certificate was explicitly revoked by its issuer." and also never starts.

However before, this same driver functions fine in very same machine out of S mode (consistent Windows 10 Home out of S mode).

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I confirmed the windows cert save as the complying with question and also tbelow is no revoked keys pertained to my cert: How to gain sign my mini-filter driver for Windows 10 from Microsoft

What can proccasion my driver functions fine (with such an error) in S mode vs out of it?

windows-10 certificate driver desktop-bridge
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asked Aug 22 "19 at 2:41

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I showed the home windows cert store...

Revocation is done by the issuer of the certificate, not in the save.

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Revocation checking is done either via

a) Certificate Revocation List (CRL), a document that is downloadable from it"s Certificate revocation list Distribution Point (CDP), which is an expansion in the certificate:


b) Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP), which is an extension in the certificate:


The DigiCert util can be provided to check the revocation status:

Here are some choices to inspect the revocation status:

If the certificate is revoked you need to acquire a new one and sign the driver aget.

It functions in normal mode

Is the driver signature enforcement disabled on the not in s-mode installation?

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answered Aug 24 "19 at 18:59

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