I"m looking at my Event Viewer and also the adhering to is composed most likely over a thousand also times?

I uncovered the Appid in the DCOM Config via Component Services and It appears to be tied to "ShellServiceHost" any principle exactly how I have the right to keep this from happening?

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Once you adjust the regmodify execute these:


(Read the text in the images for the steps)

Hope this helps someone.

Links that assisted me (crmodify goes ofc to the world in these forums that provided the help/solution):


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In reply to vampyren's short article on October 28, 2016

Vampyren many thanks for writing this up, this is by far the most basic solve I"ve watched for this.

It"s also negative classiccomputers.info does not release a patch or fixit tool for this, as I view this 10016 error on EVERY Win10 machine I"ve watched running anniversary upday. It would seem that on a recent patch cycle tbelow are much less of these as I only

obtained 2 errors on my lapheight (the appid and also clsid in your post) yet I"ve checked out various other machines with a lot even more of this 10016 crap.. and some of these makers are fresh installs w/windowsupdate cycle done.

Wow it worked! fixed my difficulty, had actually this annoying error message when shutting home windows down for months currently, I had actually no idea what it was, thought it can be a driver or even a fault via my hardware. I"m feeling exceptionally relieved now. classiccomputers.info permissions in Windows 10 eh!

Anymeans thanks a bunch for posting mate! :-)

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I am sick and exhausted of these Distributed Com and also Perflib errors. This is exceptionally negative programming in my humble opinion and also classiccomputers.info should perform something to resolve them. My computer is locking up and also crashing all the time once I"m on line doing something necessary. I belengthy to numerous incredibly large computer system clubs. I volunteer to repair hardware and software application troubles for totally free for Veterans and the elderly. People are constantly informing me that they are tired of all the difficulties through their Windows PC"s and they are giving amethod their computers and also buying Apples. I am constantly going into my registries in my four Windows 10 64 bit computer systems and also editing and enhancing it and then going right into Component Services and addressing it. A few days later I obtain a brand-new Distributed Com error. classiccomputers.info must compose new programming to rearea this pain in the butt to attempt to stem the tide of computer users going to Apple. It"s disgusting.