500 internal server error youtube

Since around last Friday I can not login in YouTube. I"ve tried to resolve it by cleaning the cache and also the cookies, however the error reflects up eexceptionally time I login.

You watching: 500 internal server error youtube

If I go to the home page in incognito mode I have the right to watch it, yet if I try to login I view the error aobtain.

The error message is:

500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of very trained monkeys has actually been dispatched to address this instance.

If you watch them, present them this information:

AB38WEMGwsoXEupT... ...

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Already tried logging in through Firefox and Chrome and also it mirrors the error in any of this browsers. If I login through a various account (Google Apps) all functions fine fine.

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asked Feb 18 "14 at 21:44

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500 Internal Server Error suggests just that: Something went wrong on the server-side, not your fault. Waiting for a day or so generally solves it, if it does not, go to the official aid forums and provide them the following information:

Your channel URLWhat you"re trying to do (in this case: Log in)The full error message, ie the complete block of the "random" numbers and letters as text (not as screenshot).
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answered Feb 18 "17 at 15:44

Leo WattenbergLeo Wattenberg
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