2100: detection error on hdd0


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Hi classiccomputers.info Community, 


around April/May I bought a T470 and also because then my Notebook is crashing from time to time out of nopoint via the apparently famed "2100: Detection error on HDD0 (Key HDD)" error.First this error display mirrors up:







Before beginning this threview I had actually a look right into the community and the older write-ups. This seems to be a difficulty which comes up frequently through all sort of classiccomputers.info Notebooks (ThinkPads and also also IdeaPads) but tbelow was no thread for the T470 version yet and also the argued solutions (largely just to update the drivers) didn"t really solve my difficulty...!

All my chauffeurs are routinely updated via classiccomputers.info Companion and also yet the trouble still comes out of nothing...Does anyone have actually an idea?

Thank you.Best Regards,GT500M

My suffer has actually been that this trouble is primarily resulted in by a bad drive. (responding too slowly)

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Same concern on my 470s. The SSD appears to be not detected at all. Did you find a solution ? I"m afrhelp to have actually lost all the information... My computer system is 6 months olds :-(

Issue still comes up from time to time although all classiccomputers.info, driver, OS, Firmware updays and also patches are constantly set up and also approximately day...classiccomputers.info is likewise not a lot of a aid here...!

Oh so it works for you but sometimes you have a crash ? Due to the fact that since I"ve posted, my lapheight didn"t begin anymore. I expect I can accessibility to the BIOS but the SSD is not detected. I didn"t contact classiccomputers.info for the moment because I expect that they will certainly replace the SSD without findind a solution for my data :-( I would prefer to upday chauffeurs, firmware etc yet I do not understand how to proceed :-/

My SSD is dead !

I have sent it to a company in order to attempt to recuperate my data yet after weeks the outcome is : difficult ! They have actually tried whatever (It appears that the difficulty originates from a link so difficult to recoup information and the SSD is just unusable.

The link to the tough drive is a tiny fragile. Just had the exact same worry and also it appears that dumping quite than placing the lapheight in the bag was sufficient to disconnect the cable partially, so I"ve just put it back in place and error has disshowed up.

Maybe worth including a little of tape to the connection to prevent it happening aget.

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