1720 smart failing attribute 05

So last night I acquired out of the shower to a babsence screen on the computer via the white text message 'Fail to boot from HD'. I tried to reboot and also acquired to the boot food selection and also was given:

1720-SMART Hard Drive Detects Imminent Failure

Failing Drive: SATAO

Failing Attribute: #05

I don't think the faitempt brewing as it is, as far as I can tell, not possible to boot from the main difficult drive. I know tright here are means of 'cloning' a difficult drive to a brand-new one, however is this feasible to carry out when the computer system can't boot from the original? What must I do? Is tright here a way to save any kind of of the 1.5 TB of data on the old drive? Thanks males.

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5 years ago
You Can clone the drive using A bootable cloning Software favor Acronis. Chances are that it would certainly reason you headaches given that the data is likely damaged.

Personally I would acquire an exterior drive and also a brand-new drive. Connect the brand-new drive and the dead driver and attempt to clone it. If the clone is successful boot right into a Linux live cd and also copy individual papers or folders of vital stuff you desire favor pictures music and also documents to the outside. Then I would certainly wipe the new drive and also perform a fresh install of windows. Pull the I formation off the external drive and open the records to test which ones are sensible and also delete any type of corrupted file you discover.

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Good luck. Dead hdds deserve to be many work yet commonly information deserve to be at least partly respanned.

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5 years ago

Hello stingreay99!

This is quite an unpleasant situation! :/

The initial error you've received about failing to boot from the drive, is resulted in once the mechanism can't detect a bootable OS source. Usually this indicates HDD faitempt. :/

The SMART attribute #5 is the Realsituated sectors count. It implies the count of realsituated sectors. These are sectors via read/write/verification error(s), if the count gets as well high, that's damaging for the gadget. Tright here really isn't a deal with. :/

I would imply you to gain a brand-new drive and reinstall your OS on it. Then attach this damaged drive externally utilizing a USB to SATA adapter and also see if it reflects up in the mechanism, how and also please write-up a screenswarm of Disk Management then.

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Message back and good luck!


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