Sep 16


The links presented below are listed in no particular order. Each contains a short description, and each are intended to assist those visiting the site in getting the most from their classic computers. If you have a site that you would like me to link to here, please contact me. Disclaimer: just because you send me a link doesn't mean that it will be added. I mean no offense by this, I just don't like linking to places that I don't use or find useful. Thanks.

  • Vintage Computer Forums - a fantastic forum that is dedicated to the use, maintenance, and repair of computers of all types. You'll find a bunch of knowledgable, friendly folks here.
  • VOGONS - a forum dedicated primarily to gaming and vintage PC gaming rigs and the hardware that goes in them
  • AmiBay - one of the older forums on the net, started out as an Amiga forum, but has grown to encompass most vintage PCs. Make sure that you read and follow their rules!
  • BitSavers - an archive of old computer software and hardware, and an invaluable resource
  • TH99 Online - an invaluable resource providing hardware descriptions, settings, and information for over 18,500 devices
  • 9595 - Ardent Tool of Capitalism - Louis Ohland's IBM PS/2 resource pages. If you have a PS/2, you need this site.
  • William Walsh's Website - an IBM PS/2 nut, William documents much of his collection and provides much information on his page. I use this as a companion site to the Louis Ohland's 9595 site.
  • Modem7's IBM PC Pages - created and maintained by a prominent VCF member, this site is the defacto reference site for the IBM PC 51xx family of computers.
  • Tezza's Classic Computers - another site maintained by a prominent VCF member, Tezza's page is somewhat unique in that he documents all of his machines, repairs, and maintenance in excellently-written blogs. Well worth checking out!
  • Old Computers Museum - online since 1995, this virtual museum is a great resource to see overviews and specs of dozens of machines
  • - no longer maintained, it still provides a nice selection of older software, boot disks, and basic information pertaining to old computers (primarily DOS-based systems)
  • - I believe this disk archive is related to, but am not sure. Regardless, it's a large selection of older software for your PC-based systems
  • Mirror - This is my personal mirror of a website that was maintained by a member of several forums that I lurked at who tragically died a few years ago while biking in her home town. I didn't know her except for reading her posts. She always seemed friendly and helpful, sharing her knowledge and experience with whomever was willing to ask and work with her. I archived her website the same day that I read about her accident, as I felt that she always deserved a place on the web.